Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail today- Hooray!  J  Comic books, too! Now, what could be better than that, Friends?

-My first 1:6 scale D.C. Direct- Batman Beyond. This toy caught A LOT of flack on the internet- almost all the way across the board, nobody liked the face. While it's true that he doesn't look like the cartoon/comic Batman Beyond, I liked him. This was a lucky break for me, as I picked one up that someone was unloading for $39.99 (price included shipping)! Can't wait to bust him out!

-12" K-Mart exclusive Superman from the 90's. He has a MULLET! I really liked his classic, bright colors, and reminded me of my old 12" Mego Superman ($30.98, price included shipping). Fun!

-Two hefty Marvel Essential comic books, Fantastic Four Vol.3 and Hulk Vol.6.  I needed some new superhero bedtime reading material, and these hefty tomes should keep me entertained for awhile. Silver Surfer Vol.1 is on the way, too. I've heard really good things about these particular volumes!

ALSO- I rolled back into town from my art show this weekend and found that three more of my Marvel Famous Covers figures had arrived while I was gone- Captain America, Thor, and Falcon! All in mint condition, too... that makes fifteen of those babies, and Storm is on the way. I really love 'em- FUN, like a toy should be.

May your dreams be filled with Fun Toys tonight, and may you all awake tomorrow with a smile on your face, ready to make the world a better place!


  1. No man should be allowed to have this much fun, Man LOL!

  2. I will admit I am a little jealous of that Batman Beyond, and you got him at a steal, that is a great price.

  3. i KNOW, Chunky B- he wasn't on my shopping list, but i could not pass THAT up.
    got him from Langes Sports. 1604 Marion Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417. HE HAD TEN OF THESE ON E-BAY, and only sold two, i believe- i'll bet he relisted the unsold ones, so take a look if you want one-

  4. Thanks for the tip, though in all fairness I have to wait until after the Battle for the Cowl, I wouldn't want Reis calling foul.

    I did go and check around eBay, that is really an awesome price.