Friday, October 15, 2010

Make Mine Mini Marvel pt.3

In my last post, we took a closer look at the first five Marvel mini figures I picked up at Toys 'R Us this week- now let's examine the other pack!

Logan is wearing his blue and yellow X-Men outfit here, his left set adamantium claws engaged, which are actually three separate tiny, thin slivers of plastic. Wow! How did they do that? Some smudging in the paint job, but lots of detail in both the brushwork and the sculpt. He's as tall as IronMan, which he really shouldn't be, but his scale in toys always seems to be taller than his original comic book stature.

Silver Surfer:
The Sentinel of The Spaceways seems much larger that most of the other mortals, mutants, and monsters in the group, but hey- he's an alien. His musculature definitely alien, but I like him. Nice face sculpt on this guy. I was really inspired to find out more about this seminal Marvel character recently, and scored a 10" ToyBiz version on E-Bay the other night, along with Marvel Essentials Silver Surfer Vol.1 from Amazon. It's gettin' crazy over here! J

Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman:
This is one of the coolest in the series, maybe the best. Some genius over at Marvel Toys said "Let's make the legs on the girl translucent, and then we'll fade into her outfit colors for her torso and head". Good idea.
I've never seen this approach on another action figure, and it works great! Both an excellent body sculpt paint job on this tiny cutie! Bravo!

Green Goblin:
Another stand out in this group of mini figures, this bad guy has an excellent sculpt with a lot of detail. One of only two villains in the series, the other being Magneto, Green Goblin shares the a unique distinction of a themed base with Silver Surfer. While Silver Surfer naturally sports a surfboard for his base, Green Goblin rides his bat shaped goblin glider- FUN!

Matt Murdock is totally stooped over, so at eye level he's useless. His body is also noticeably larger than even Silver Surfer, making him completely out of proportion with the rest of this series, though I knew what to do with the photo opportunity!

...Oh, just a couple more... J

Overall, I was really glad to find these guys, and had a fun time visiting the toy store for the first time to buy TOYS as an adult! I had a lot of fun photographing and writing about them, though at $7.99 a five pack, they really should have thrown another villain or two in each pack. And if this series is said to be suffering from from a glaring design problem, it's inconsistency to my eye. It seems that two or three artists worked on these, painfully evident in the Daredevil figure, but also body sculpt detail across the board. They aren't bad or anything, just styled really differently among one another in the series.

Until we meet again, remember: enjoy yourself, take care of one another, play with TOYS and have FUN with your life! Next Week: Marvel Famous Cover Action Figures by ToyBiz!


  1. That Invisible Woman did turn out nice! Too bad Daredevil is so out of proportion though.

    Oh well, fun stuff nonetheless!

  2. GREAT reviews on both sets. I totally enjoyed reading the posts and the pictures. I agree with you on Sue Richards - GREAT idea for a figure. THANKS for sharing CHEERS

  3. Thanks guys- thanks for coming to read :)
    You're Great!

  4. yes, Sue Storm is so cool! brilliant, whoever's idea it was!!!

  5. I found these the other day at the dollar store, blind bagged one figure per bag.