Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make Mine Mini Mavel pt.2

As I stated in the previous post, I found the Marvel Mini Heroes & Villains at Toys 'R Us a couple days ago- let's take a closer look at the first group:

Looks a lot like my Famous Covers Magneto- I enjoy Magnet in his traditional res and purple color scheme, just like in the Secret Wars Series I've been reading again. You can only wear colors like this if you are a SuperVillian or Superhero! A pretty good paint job for such a TINY figure- some unevenly painted edges, but you probably had to use a single bristle to paint that small. Damn.

Iron Man:
A more modern version of our hero, his chosen armor is  inconsistent than most of the rest of this line. It's not that I don't like his expertly detailed sculpt and gold paint detail, it just looks like the 90's version of  ol' Shell Head... and hey, you have to have Iron Man.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch:
I love this one if only for the translucent plastic- I also like that the put the 4 on his chest. His color darkens moving toward the feet and base, which was also a nice touch. I would have liked to see the yellow paint on the flames connecting his arms to his torso, but he's cool- Torchy sealed the deal for me on this pack, in fact.

Spiderman's outfit is a formidable challenge for anyone drawing it or trying to apply it to a toy design, with all the lines/web pattern in it. I actually liked the black outfit unlike some fans, but the original red and blue is my favorite, and they did a good job on this one. All the webbing was cut perfectly into the mold all over his 2 1/2" body- impressive! The body sculpt is perfect, save Spidey's (laughs) unusually large feet. I might've made his eyes a little bigger, too...

The Hulk:
A fun sculpt of the Green Goliath in his classic colors, I like his purple pants which feature some nice detail around where the fabric meets his flesh. It actually looks like he has pants on. I always enjoyed the old Bixby/Ferrigno T.V. show- that show, Hulk comics, and my old Mego Hulk figure were a big part of my childhood. Fun!

Next up:  Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Green Goblin, Sue Storm, and Wolverine!


  1. That Spidey looks classic! I am really digging that Human Torch as well, sort of reminds me of the Marvels comic one, you know without the "4" on his chest of course.

  2. Yes!! I like the 4 on his chest :)

  3. again, very good job for the human torch!