Monday, October 11, 2010

Mattel 8" Retro Action Black Manta & Aquaman

While I was ordering Two-Face and Lex Luthor, I couldn’t get over Mattel’s 8” D.C. Retro Action Black Manta! The cool black outfit was too much for me to resist- EVIL! And so I purchased him and Aquaman (to keep him company) along with Face and Lex. “This is getting serious, now… I will be the owner of SEVEN action figures”, I thought to myself. Little did I know how serious it WOULD become in a very short time… I was already reading action figure blogs daily, and had begun to research other lines of action figures thoroughly.

Black Manta:
I picked up Aquaman BECAUSE of this figure- his black outfit and cool headsculpt was far removed from the old Megos I had in the 70’s. Unlike Mattel’s Superman, he has a substantial black belt that hooks closed in back, separate from his outfit.  Black Manta’s backpack/re-breather unit straps over his shoulders, connecting to his helmet via two black tubes. He looks SO different from the others, so sleek and otherworldly that I had to have him. My only complaint about this figure is the same with the rest, save Aquaman- where are the accessories? Should he not have a trident like the champion Atlantean?  A harpoon or something…!?? He received a small black knife from Dr. Mego that he keeps in his belt, due to the fact that Mego weapons don’t fit so well in the retro action figure’s hands.

This figure has the most boyish face, not really that of a warrior, but at least he has a weapon- and it fits in his hands really good. I like the classic orange & green outfit much better than some of the modern incarnations of this fish, and the screen printed scale pattern is a nice touch. He has the same flimsy belt issue as Superman, but it seems to sit on the figure better. Aquaman has one metal snap at the top of his back that holds his tightly fitting unitard up- this I appreciate. The lack of chunky boots make the posture issue he shares with the rest of the Retro Action figures make his ability to stand somewhat of a challenge. Like Lex Luthor and Batman, the old Mego oven mitt issue is solved by molding his hands in the same color of green as his arm bands- @lex of Toy Haven agrees that this was a good decision. He’s fun!

Until next time, may you all swim in an ocean of FUN and EXCITING toys- don't forget your towel!

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  1. I really dig Black Manta, he really stands out from the rest.