Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman! Marvel Legends Black Bolt

After a long night at work, I came home and found that a parcel had arrive for lil' ol' me- sweet! And who was inside you ask? Why it was the guy I had just been reading about in Marvel Essential Fantantic Four Vol.3- Black Bolt! While he can go for anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks, I scored this 6" figure for $13.50 (price included shipping)... he came like this:

Unlike my Marvel Legends Hulk made by ToyBiz, the Marvel Legends Black Bolt was produced by Hasbro. While there are some articulation issues, and his cloth "accordion" wings don't come off quite right, I like the sculpt on this guy and was thankful to have a physical representation of a somewhat obscure Marvel character that I'm currently reading about- that's FUN! I enjoyed playing around with him and taking his picture...

Black Bolt's first appearance was in Fantastic Four #45 (Dec. 1965).  A member of the a super-human race, the Inhumans, Black Bolt had been exposed to the mutagenic Terrigan Mist prior to childbirth, empowering him with the ability to manipulate electrons. Vowing never to speak after a childhood of isolation to protect his race from his calamitous voice and harness his great powers, Black Bolt rejoined his people as a young man.

Soon after, Black Bolt leaves his homeland of Attilan to explore the world, but soon returns to defeat his evil brother Maximus with the help of the Fantastic Four, rescuing his love Medusa and the Royal Family (Triton, Gorgon, Karnak, and Medusa's sister Crystal). Assuming the crown and kingship of his people, Black Bolt defends his people from the Kree race (who genetically developed the Inhumans), the evil super-robot Ultron, and Blastaar among others who deem the Inhumans an abhorrent race.

Through Black Bolt's electron manipulation, he transform matter, fly, and channel concussion blasts or forcefields. His quasi-sonic voice can level a city though, making this Black Bolt's primary offensive tactic, which he used to defeat the Hulk. The fork antenna attached to his head helps control this very dangerous power- a power that took extensive training to harness, for the mere utterance from his lips could mean death to any mere mortal caught in the path of his devastating voice.

Found in my old comics: Black Bolt's page from the Official Hanbook of the Marvel Universe series I had from childhood. Click on the image to read all about Black Bolt circa 1983:

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  1. The strong silent type - my kind of guy :)

  2. Very nice looking Black Bolt action figure congrats on it. : )

  3. Blackbolt was always a favorite character of mine. There was something about that costume that was just so badass. Well that, and he had a smoking hot wife lol. Didn't he die in the comics recently?

  4. Cool toy... Gene Simmons has stated in several interviews that Black Bolt's wings were the inspiration for the wings on his original and many subsequent stage costumes. It's neat to see this guy in 3D form. It's too bad they didn't do a better job on his "wings."

  5. i didn't know that about Gene $immons... i can definitely see the connection though, and i know he's a big comics fan- his son Nick is a comics artist, i believe.

    and yes Stephen, on Wikipedia it says that Black Bolt & Vulcan "seemingly" died battling in the War of Kings series 2009... ???