Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I got a couple packages today- more TOYS in the mail! Hooray! Could there really be anything better than that, Friends?

-9" Martian Manhunter that I know little or nothing about, other than he's really cool and clean as can be! He was $10.90 (price included shipping)...

-10" Storm by Toybiz (1997). The toy AND box were so pristine, it looked as though it rolled out of the factory yesterday! She was $14.50 (price included shipping)... not bad...

SURPRISE! This will be a double dose of "Hey, Mr. Postman!"
That's right- I had received some other COOL action figures before Halloween that I didn't have a chance to show off! Let's take a quick look:

-10" Deluxe Edition Mystique by ToyBiz (1996). She was also in a really clean box... almost hate to open her ($11.54, price included shipping)... 

-10" Marvel Universe Ninja Rogue by ToyBiz (1997), also in an exceptionally clean box ($15.34, price included shipping)...

-10" Marvel Universe Ninja Wolverine by ToyBiz (1997). His left elbow was stiff, and while trying to move it the plastic split slightly. I glued it back successfully- I guess that arm will just have to remain stationary... Nice head sculpt and cool outfit on this guy!

-10" Deluxe Edition Beast by ToyBiz (1994). I was looking for some BIG action figures awhile ago- Beast and The Thing really did it for me ($14.04, price included shipping)! This guy is HEAVY DUTY. They gave him some kinda "weapon" with a suction cup attached by a chain... haven't (laughs) worked up the courage to try it out yet...

Whew! What a buncha TOYS! And to think there's more on the way... I guess I'm gonna have to procure some more shelving *sigh* I'm havin' a ball over here, Friends, and I hope you are enjoying yourselves as well- you deserve it! Before I retire to my cozy bed with my Marvel Essentials Hulk Vol.6, I want you to remember:
-It takes all kinds of people in this world, and that includes YOU- don't ever let anyone tell you different!
-Give your love, no matter what... don't worry, you'll get it back.
-Play with TOYS and have FUN with your life!


  1. Dude, your toys are awesome but your uplifting statements always push your posts to new levels. That should be your 'gimmick' - a toy and a positive statement each post!

    Rock on, brother!

  2. HaHa :D Thanks! No, I really mean it- since I started collecting toys in earnest a couple months ago and began this blog a month ago it has really changed my life- I'm much happier. I was not a happy before- quitting drinking, working out, and TOYS have really made me a lot happier- better...
    I'm very thankful for you, Alex, ChunkyB, and everyone else that comes here to read. This is turning out GREAT!

  3. I used to have the regular version of that Beast toy, lots of great times with him! You're making me want this version now lol

  4. Another great post and I am amazed at how fast you are filling your shelves with such great stuff. I have to tell you not that many people love the 90's Toy Biz stuff, glad someone besides me appreciates it.

    Your Martian Manhunter is a Hasbro JLU KB Toys Exclusive, He and Superman Blue were supposed to only be available at KB Toys, they fit in with the other DC Super Heros Hasbro was making at the time.

  5. the 90's ToyBiz merchandise has it's good and bad points- some were good, some not so good. I like the scale of the 9" Famous Covers series and 10" Marvel Universe Series, the latter of which has somewhat limited articulation... seems like they were going for "flash & bang" on those, but the VARIETY of them is amazing. I like the (laughs) dolly size, what can I say?! :D
    I'm stretching out though with some 6" figures I just ordered...
    Thanx for the info on Martian Manhunter! I luv him- nice cape on that guy!