Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010/2011 Collecting Goals and Achievements

Okay now, this is serious- inspired by Doc Atomic, ChunkyBatSnaps just threw down and laid it out for both his 2010 collecting achievements as well as his 2011 goals, challenging us to all to do the same. Well, here we go...

I have kept all my receipts for the toys I've bought since the beginning of this new venture of mine just as ChunkyB has, and while I won't tell you the exact sum, I'll just say it's A LARGE SUM. Being new at this, it's fair to say that I went crazy like a kid in a candy store- there was a lot out there I liked and I went for it, so to speak. I was thoroughly warned of "the obsession" by many of you, and I let it take me over- it was fun and therapeutic. While I'd like to say I spent no more during this time that I would have spent drinking before, that just wouldn't be honest. It would be true however that it was a hell of a lot healthier, and the time I've spent photographing and writing about these toys, working on this blog, and making new friends has been productive in my recovery, and therefore priceless to me. Needless to say, 2010 was an eventful year for me.

In the last three months I have...
*collected over 100 action figures, including but not limited to: several 10" ToyBiz Marvel Universe figures from the 90's, an impressive array of 9" ToyBiz Marvel Famous Covers figures from the 90's, a few 9" Hasbro dollies, a few 6" Marvel Select figures w/diorama stands, a few 6" Marvel Legends, a ton of 6" D.C. Direct figures (1st Appearance, New Frontier, Trinity, assortment of Reactivated Series), and more recently a dozen or more 6" DC Universe, and some Kenner 12" dollies.
*Started this blog which has had over 4,000 views, 20 followers, and well over 50 posts. I also had postcards made for the blog to take out with me to local comic shops and spread the word, while hopefully making some more local friends with the same interests.

Here are some of the toys i haven't got to open yet- not because I haven't wanted to, because I haven't had time to...

All that being said, 2011 should be a year of focus on spending less and catching up writing about the dozens and dozens of action figures that (laughs) I haven't even got to open yet! I also want to continue reading comics and including them in my blog posts along with some of the action figures- these make more interesting, multi-dimensional posts that I hope highlight my imagination, thought processes, and writing ability. I would also like to use some of these toys as inspiration to make some superhero fan art and use this blog to showcase it... something different though, not in the tratitional pen and ink comic style- I'm still simmering on this, though.

As far as what toys I want to collect in 2011.... well, I never thought I would get into 6" action figures, but I most certainly dove right in. I'm 100% sure I will get more DC Universe Classics- those have been fun! Something magical happened the other night though- I scored a 1:6 scale DC Direct Classic Superman for $40. and a 1:6 scale DC Direct Batman for $60 on E-Bay. unheard of deal, Friends! I knew at that moment that I wanted to focus on waiting for the good deal on some more of these (a DC Direct 1:6 Martian Manhunter, for one).


Ever since I got my 1:6 scale DC Direct Batman Beyond, I have been smitten, knowing just how deluxe an action figure can be! Seeing Alex's world-class collection over at ToyHaven also made me want a few larger, more detailed figures for myself. One of the bloggers featured on my "Blogs of Note" on the sidebar here at Super-DuperToyBox, Alex has been here since my small beginnings, like ChunkyBorat, ShubbaBelby, and so many others of you that I am most grateful for- I dub Alex "The Father of My Love For Toys". Here's to you, all of us, and the fun we will have in 2011- CHEERS!

I am Super-DuperToyBox, and I COMMAND YOU to Play With Toys and Have FUN with Your Life!


  1. hey Colin GREAT post :) always inspiring to read about how you managed to turn things around for the BETTER and best part of it is: You're having FUN doing it (TWO thumbs UP!)

    Can't wait to read your reviews of ALL those toys you've gotten (so many toys, so little time haha). Keep on blogging but most importantly, as you put it so well - keep on having FUN with your life!

    WOW! stepping into 1:6? Welcome to my world. Be careful you might not be able to step off it LOL

    I am honored with the title you've bestowed but it does make me feel kinda OLD when someone calls me "Father..." (I tend to look over my shoulder to see if my old man is standing there)

    All the BEST for 2011!

  2. i LOVE ur classic superman n batman by DC Direct...

    superb collection, dude...jealous..hohoho

  3. [i]I never thought I would get into 6" action figures, but I most certainly dove right in.[/i]

    Ha... Yeah, I've been there. Not 6" figures, but if I had a nickel for every toy I collect that I never thought I'd collect... Well, I'd have enough nickels to pay for all those toys I now collect!

    Good luck, man!

  4. happy to be one of the people you've hooked up with - albeit virtually - over the last year! looks like we're both in the "rapid growth phase" in the early stages of toy collecting when the bug catches you...looking forward to what 2011 brings!

  5. Looking forward to see what you have in store for 2011. Keep up the great work.