Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Swag

I want to share with you some fun comics-related swag I received on Christmas. I said in a previous post that I probably wouldn't get any toys for Christmas because I buy them all for myself (heh, heh :D), and few people in my life know of my alter-ego, Super-DuperToybox. But my wonderful family has ALWAYS known I loved comics & superheroes. They know the real, fun-loving Colin, always have...

*Totally Awesome Vintage Marvel Comics calender from my nieces & nephew! What makes this rule a large sector of my personal universe is that it includes a removable 11 x 14" cover that I can display in a ready-made sized frame. I had seen this at the bookstore while shopping for my brother's present a just a week ago and nearly bought it on the spot, but I told myself I was shopping for someone else and should (laughs) stick to the agenda. I about fell over when my little niece CharleyBoots brought me a present from the kids that I opened to find this! While on the subject of kids, something else happened this weekend that was cool- I discovered that my nephew Harry has been really getting into comic books! I saw that he got Iron Man 2 (which I still haven't seen), and was reading Batman: The Killing Joke, which I read back in the 80's. Soon we were talking about comics, the New Avengers animated show, toys, and I was showing him my blog! Ha Ha! Harry & I have always had great, comical relationship, but this will be a fun addition to our rapport- so cool!

Harry's Mom (my sister) and Dad got me this killer retro Batman shirt! I have been buying a lot of superhero shirts in the last three months and this will make a GREAT addition- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The both have known that for most of my life I've been a Batman Freak! Also, I love the artwork of Dick Sprang...

*Dad got me this cool Spiderman cold beverage thermos, which keeps your water, pop, iced tea cold for 12 hours... great for those hot summer nights spent blogging about ol' Webhead! Hooray!

I received a lot of other really nice presents as well, including a beautiful handmade quilt from my lovely & talented mother, a digital camera & framed art piece from Mom & Dad, a CD from my brother, and some cool flashlights, coffee, & a book from my pal Mike. The best present was being able to spend some quality time with my family though- that's best Christmas blessing a guy could have, and I'm most thankful.


  1. Glad to know you're now spreading the joy thru' your blog with your nephew :) and also HAPPY to see such a warm and loving family you have.

  2. you did VERY well! will post my xmas goodies soon too!

  3. Such nice gifts buddy congrats. : )