Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

How many toys have come in the mail since I started this blog two months ago, you ask? ALOT! Ha Ha! This haul actually came on Nov. 23rd, but I want to give you posts with some actual content, so I try to spread out installments of Hey, Mr. Postman! Enough blahblahblah, let's dive right in...

*Marvel Select Captain Marvel by Diamond Select Toys. I had a Captain Marvel comic as a kid and remember nothing about it, but I was impressed by this figure... I just bought it 'cause I liked it (the best reason)!

*D.C. Universe Classics Dr. Mid-Nite by Mattel... He comes with an OWL, okay?! No seriously, ever since I won my DCUC Starman on the Action Figure Blues comment contest, I've been hot for these toys! As some of you may have begun to suspect, I kinda have a thing for retro-styled heroes, and hailing from 1941, Dr. Mid-Nite is my kinda action figure... they come with a collector button, dammit! It says "adult collector" in the bottom corner?? Do I qualify?

*Marvel Legends Hulk Series Doc Sampson by Hasbro. This character is important because I was reading about him recently in Marvel Essential Hulk, Vol.6. Hulk was preparing t stomp his ass at the end of the book- guess I'll have to get Vol.7 if I want to know the outcome... *sigh*

*Watchmen Nite-Owl T-Shirt. I have a growing collection of superhero t-shirts, and this one is pretty high quality. On the back it says: "It's all crap. Who needs all this hardware to catch hookers and purse-snatchers?" Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl (1986)


That's right just a few short days later, I recieved ANOTHER box in the mail! If you get toys in the mail twice in one week, one or more of these things might be happening:
A.) You have recently experienced a life-changing event.
B.) You are addicted to toys.
C.) You are having a GREAT WEEK!
All of the above are true of course, so let's get on with it...

*D.C. Universe Classics Killer Moth by Mattel! Hooray!! Perhaps the most ridiculous looking action figure I have ever seen... this appeals to me. What does a criminal do when everyone makes fun of his costume? Make a deal with a demon to become the deadly half-man/half-insect, all-mad Charaxes! This is one of those "collect & connect" series figures- if you collect all of Wave 6 you have all the parts to make Kalibak. I would love to have Kalibak, but am unsure if I have the wherewithal to reach this goal anytime soon. In fact, I have an assortment of "collect & connect" parts that I'm unsure what to do with, the others consisting of mostly Marvel character parts...

Today is two months for this blog- I've somehow managed to write over 50 posts & get over 3,500 views during this time. I won't lie: I spend a lot of time photographing, researching, & writing, and I certainly enjoy it. I work on it almost every night, and I have more planned. Imagine if your high school teachers said, "We would like you to spend the entire semester writing about [insert your favorite subject], and don't worry about the other stuff." It is has been that much fun.

Everyone has been really accepting and supportive of my endeavor, in spite of my newbie status. I came into this new hobby at the time of a very serious lifestyle change, and also a time of great need- need for companionship & understanding. What I found was a group of the most wonderfully fun people, people that shared my love and enthusiasm for toys, people like you! Though some of you are far, far away geographically, it felt as though several arms were around my shoulders, "We are here, We've got you, You are safe here with us". I found this both comforting and empowering. So you see, these toys mean a great deal to me, these toys may very well have saved my life in a way- and you have played a part in that. Thank you... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. You're welcome!

    I have that Dr. Midnite and Killer Moth - two of the best from DCUC! I was also lucky enough to finish Kalibak, one of the very few BAFs I've gotten finished in DCUC. Let me know what parts you have or need, I have a ton laying around too, maybe we can help each other out on one or two of those BAFs!

  2. that nite owl II shirt's too die for...

  3. This is a fun community of people. It's nice to run into others that share the same passions that we do... like Bubba and his obsession with pants and Harley Quinn (I just KNOW you've got a closet full of Harley dollies, Bubba).

    But I digress, it's been fun to watch you enjoying the hobby and becoming part of the toy blogging community. You do a fantastic job with your posts and it shows that you put in a lot of work! Don't work so hard that you burn yourself out, though. ... and "Congrats" on your "new life!" Good job.

  4. Some very awesome figures and Killer Moth has always been a favorite villain of mine. It must be those colors of his costume and the almost silly aspect of it that i like.

  5. Pay no heed to him - Brian knows nothing of my closet activities.

    Wait, that doesn't sound right.

  6. Hey Colin, sorry I didn't write sooner - got caught up with work and stuff.

    I totally agree with Brian :) It's been a BLAST reading ALL your posts and watching you buy all these wonderful toys. I look forward to reading your post everyday but Hey! no undue pressure on the postings - post because you want to NOT because you have to. Quality is always better than quantity XD

    It's not just the posts and entries, it's seeing the transformation it has done to your life and man, it's inspring all of us too.

    God bless & take care buddy

  7. You guys are awesome! Yes,I had to take a little break here, get some painting done...