Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Martian Literature

My attractive, blonde mail-lady brought me some Martian Manhunter comics today- Hooray! The boys in green felt right at home...

9" Hasbro Martian Manhunter stumbles upon my copy of DC's Martian Manhunter: The Others Among Us (2007)... can't wait to get a couple hours alone with this graphic novel!

13" DC Direct Martian Manhunter finds three part Martian Manhunter: American Secrets series (1992) that came today... this guy looks serious about his comics...

Well it looks like I'll have some good reading this week... if I can pry in on these two!

*Guide to Martian Manhunter, including list of published works at CosmicTeams.Com


  1. It kind of looks like from the pictures that MM has a son and is reading his family history to him lol. Great stuff.

  2. yeha, it's like "family reading time" or sumthin'... heh heh :D -thanx, i had fun doin' that one :D