Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DCUC Wave 7 Booster Gold

Booster Gold is a DC Universe superhero who showed up in 1986. A member of the Justice League, Booster was  a show off who used his knowledge of the future and it's technology to aggrandize his reputation by staging his heroics before the public eye. He eventually matured into a true hero, always trying to live down the notorious past he established.

Born Michael John Carter in Gotham City during the 25th century, "Booster" was nicknamed so by his school  football team, for which he was the star quarterback. Carter flubbed his introduction to the President, mixing it with his chosen name hero, Goldstar, and it stuck. Though very athletic, Booster's suit and visor technology give him his protection and superhuman abilities- he has no natural super powers.

This Booster Gold is the modern variant the comes with no collar and a Skeets that opens to reveal a tiny Mr. Mind! Skeets was the security robot from the Metropolis Space museum Carter worked nights after a bet ring he was involved in being exposed, ruining his football scholarship. I could find very little about Mr. Mind's relation to Booster- the telepathic worm originated in Fawcett Comics, an arch enemy of Captain Marvel (Shazam). Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) ended up stepping on him though  :D  It's said that some of these figures have a removable Skeets, mine appears to be glued in however, and likes to gravitate towards Booster's head- the clear, soft plastic armature refuses to stay put over his shoulder. His paint has some overspray around the chest, and he had some chips in his paint- I got him used on eBay for pretty cheap. His sculpt, particularly the hair, and poseability are excellent.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) is Booster's best friend, and played straight man to Kord's goofy quips in a Martian Manhunter four-part series from 1988 I read recently. I had forgotten all about Booster until recently, my only previous exposure to him being a Superman Annual from 1991, in which he played a minor role.

"How long has Mr. Mind been in there, Buster...??"

"Yeah, umm that's, uhh... that's far out, Man... wow..."

"Hold still... I think I got him... Thaaaat's pretty gross."


  1. Awesome figure, one of DCUC's best and probably my favorite character in the DC Universe (along with Batman, PLastic Man and the Creeper... I know, weird huh?).

    You must read Booster's ongoing monthly series. It's one of the best written comics there are now.

  2. Still need to get that Blue Beetle figure!

  3. As you know, I'm more of a Marvel fan. But that figure is very eye-catching. I especially like that little Mr. Mind worm in the space ship. A nice original extra for an action figure. Very nice SDTB!!

  4. JBoy- Ted Kord Blue Beetle is one of my favorite DCUCs- I would ABSOLUTELY reccomend him!