Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DCUC Grouping

Let's take another look at three of these DC Universe Classics I got in the mail yesterday, m'kay? From left to right:
*DCUC Wave 7 Blue Beetle/Ted Kord:  I wasn't so keen on this figure at first sight, but he grew on me- and for $6.05, it was a good choice. He is the best out of these 3 DCUCs that I won together- what a FUN TOY! I have two Jaimie Reis Blue Beetle III action figures, but Ted Kord first appeared in 1964, a student of the original Dan Garrett Blue Beetle (Charlton Comics). Mattel did a great job on him- I love his raygun that actually fits and clasps securely! He's a lefty by the way, in spite of his holster position on the right...??
*DCUC Wave 10 Robotman. Somewhat collectible, I won the auction at $8.39. I knew nothing of this character, yet he seemed oddly familiar... from childhood? Cliff Steele (ha ha) appeared in DC Comics in 1964, a car accident victim whose brain was transferred to a robot body- a source of great despair for the accidental hero. Anyway, he fun because you case remove the plate atop his head to reveal his BRAIN! He has a slight looseness in the left ankle, but nothing disabling.
*DCUC Wave 11 John Stewart Green Lantern. This character was in DC Final Crisis, which I (laughs) just read again in attempt to understand. The Wave 11 John Stewart is different than the one included in the DCUC Green lantern Corps 5-pack- I like this outfit better. I won him for $9.50 loose, and he's a sturdy figure with lots of accessories, but annoyingly lacks an open hand to carry his lantern. I would have passed on one of his two constructs for this. I like him. Green Lantern 2814.2 appeared in the early seventies, taking over for Hal Jordan after he resigned from the Corps, originally drafted as a backup for Jordan's backup, Guy Gardner. Take a peek at my two Hal Jordan Green Lantern figures here.

 "Jeez, Cliff- leave the brain under the cap!"

*Ted Kord Blue Beetle at Wikipedia
*Robotman at Wikipedia
*John Stewart Green Lantern at Wikipedia

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