Thursday, March 31, 2011

DC Direct Monitor and Anti-Monitor

Before I went nuts on those Mattel Brave and the Bold toys, I was (laughs) in the middle of showing you some of the DC Direct Crisis on Infinite Earths action figures- Battle Armor Lex Luthor and Robot Brainiac, to be specific. I want to get back here and follow up quickly on the other two.

*Series One Monitor

I got this guy so cheap- about eight bucks (shipping included)! He was a major player in the story, but valued less than the more popular characters in the line. He does look like a freak, but makes a FUN toy.

From Wikipedia:
Thirteen billion years ago, the multiverse was born due to tampering with the creation of the universe by Krona, a scientist from the planet Maltus who was attempting to see the beginning of the universe. As a result of his actions, an infinite number of parallel universes were brought into existence side by side, separated only by minuscule vibrational differences, none of them as strong as the single universe that existed earlier would have been.
Monitor was born on Oa's moon, apparently as the living embodiment of all positive matter universes. One of these universes was composed entirely of antimatter, and on the moon of Oa's counterpart, Qward, a hideous mockery of life was born from its very soil, a being that would come to be known as the Anti-Monitor.

After a one million year battle across the dimensional barrier left them unconscious for nine billion more years, Monitor and Anti-Monitor were awoken as a result of a scientist named Pariah, hence began the story of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'd recommend this to trade to anyone; it drones on and on in parts, and some of the dialogue a little dated, but it's certainly epic. Crisis on Infinite Earths was just from a different time, and you need to open your mind and allow for that when reading a comic book or anything from a previous generation- you'll enjoy it more if you do :) Read Saranga's post at New Readers to help you out with all the Crisis titles in the DC Universe- it can be a little confusing.

*Series Two Anti-Monitor

I was really jazzed to get this guy- he's great! The articulation is limited, but his sculpt is really great! Like Robot Brainiac, he's about 7 1/4" tall, and heavy.  Making relatively few appearances in the DC Universe, Anti-Monitor was being rebuilt by the Sinestro Corps to act as their "Guardian of Fear" in Tales of The Sinestro Corps, which I just read! Exciting!

I can't think of a more seminal tale of good versus evil than the story of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor... told in many ways, among many cultures, the titanic nature of the idea translated in a unique way within the realm of the art comics.


  1. Things are getting hot in that last pic. Will they evetually tell eachother how they really feel? I can't wait to find out!

  2. heh, heh... ooOOooh, you ARE Freaky :D

  3. Loved the story when it came out and these figures are great, but all I can think when seeing the Monitor in the first pose is "Yo, yo, yo! 'sup dawg?"

  4. lol those two sure know how to Tango.