Thursday, March 17, 2011

DC Direct Robot Brainiac

I read Crisis on Infinite Earths (DC, 1985- Compilation TPB, 2000) awhile back, and was delighted to realize that DC Direct had released some action figures of the characters in the story! I enjoy that DC Direct creates action figures from actual comic book series and graphic novels- this makes it a fun and more tangible, all-around experience for me. Crisis on Infinite Earths is an important book if you want to understand Final Crisis (2009) and Infinite Crisis (2006), which are better books, in that the artwork and dialogue are a little more modernly streamlined. Not to take anything away from Marv Wolfman and his epic tale- for it's time, it was both creative and ambitious- a lot of work was put into it, and it shows. And as for the artwork of George Perez (who also worked on parts of Infinite Crisis), there are a lot of really great scenes with dozens of DC characters all together in one space that would have been really tough to do- comic book artists have so much more modern tools now, including sophisticated computer programs that make it a whole new ballgame, so comparisons can be apples for oranges.Crisis on Infinite Earths was just from a different time, and you need to open your mind and allow for that when reading a comic book or anything from a previous generation- you'll enjoy it more if you do :) Read Saranga's post at New Readers to help you out with all the Crisis titles in the DC Universe- it can be a little confusing.

I love the transparent plastic they used on this figures shoulders and skullcap, the latter of which to my
surprise was removable- how much fun is that ?! The blue tubing extending from Brainiac's hips to his latissimus dorsi are made of a softer plastic that flexes with his torso.

Do you imagine a soliloquy from Hamlet here, or is it just me?? :D

He's unusually well articulated for a DC Direct figure, though in a couple spots redundantly so. For a robot, he's quite (laughs) expressive, and loved the camera! :D  Brainiac was was re-imagined in this robot form by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Ed Hannigan in the 80's, and there is something cold and terrifying about it!

Here Robot Brainiac meets my DC Direct New Krypton Brainiac...

We're all sensitive extraterrestrial androids here, after all...

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  1. Brainiacs are fun! I really like the robo-Brainiac - I hadn't realized DC Direct put out a version. He looks great!

    Here are my Brainiacs:

  2. Thanks Bubba, you made my day- I often wonder if I'm boring folks with figures that came out just a few years or even months ago ("been there, done that"). He was fun to photograph! I went back & put a link up for your Mattel comparison post at Toyriffic-

  3. Still my favorite version of Brainiac. : )