Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It's time for another episode of Hey, Mr. PostMa'am here at The Super-DuperToyBox... yes I said PostMa'am, because in reality the postal worker who brings my toys is an Attractive Blonde- I swear! But that's neither here nor there- let's take a look inside this tantalizing pile of parcels, m'kay?

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Proton Smash Atom! Yes, more of what you'd expect with my recent madness for this line of 5" figures from Mattel. I love The Atom (Dr. Ray Palmer) a lot more since I read Blackest Night and Identity Crisis, both deep stories that featured this character- I knew little or nothing about him prior.

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Skiff Ripper Black Manta! I have a Mattel Retro-Action Black Manta I love! What an evil looking villain! Badass!

 *Mattel Brave and The Bold Grapnel Claw Batman! Freak said I didn't need any more Batman figures from this line- Baloney! This figure kicks ass in his grey camo and has a killer accessory!

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Sky Shot Batman! The Ultimate: my long-awaited "Green Lantern Batman". I've wanted the DC Direct Green Lantern Batman for months, but always get outbid on eBay, and I'm not gonna pay the $50.00 to $75.00 asking price he goes for elsewhere. Bubba turned me onto this guy awhile back though, and I have to say, it rocks! I am in Toy Heaven, Friends  :D

* Justice #1- #12 (DC, Oct. 2005- Aug.2007) I've been wanting to read this  since I finished Kingdom Come -Alex Ross is a great artist, and the story was good too. It got ripped for being derivative, but what comic book isn't, really? I don't read them to be enlighted; I read them to be entertained!

I hope you opened a toy, bought a toy, got a toy in the mail, or at least saw a cool toy today, People- because that makes for a FUN day. I'm certainly having fun, because that's what it's all about here at The Super-DuperToyBox. Before you go though, I want to remind you:

*Lighten up a little- don't be so serious. Turn off the bad news! Life is meant to be enjoyed- get out and see some people and have some laughs.
*Take care of yourselves. Eat some decent food, get some exercise, and get outside at least once a day and get some fresh air.
*Take care of those around you- you owe it to them.
*And of course, Play With TOYS and HAVE FUN With Your Life- you might only get this one to enjoy!


  1. OOOOO that Atom and Black Manta are gorgeous. I love the shape of them and their blocky design. I have ignored this line way too long. Gorgeous pictures as usual my friend.

  2. Thanx Kal! I am glad you like them, I have so much fun taking pictures- it's how I "play" with my toys :)

  3. MORE Batman Brave & the Bold? Why am I not surprised haha - the thought popped into my head even before I clicked on the entry.

    I agree with Kal, that Black Mantra is bada$$ NICE! Play more, buddy & have loads of FUN!!

  4. Sweet Super D! Now you need to find that Solomon Grundy. : )

  5. hey, what can i say? :D
    i think i found a Solomon Grundy JBoy...

  6. The GL Batman is the best! Congrats on that oen - and Black Manta is cool too, that's another one I have.

    BTW I am pretty sure that Atom is Ryan Choi, not Ray Palmer.

    And I am still waiting for you to post a picture of your postmaam ;)

  7. ha ha :D
    oh- thanx for the tip on Atom- things change a lot in the DC Universe, i've learned!

  8. Awesome Super D i hope you can get Grundy. : )