Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Brave & The Bold Total Armor!

So I was nowhere near the neighborhood at a Toys 'R Us, in the middle of a freak-snowstorm tonight, and guess what I found? That's right: More Brave & The Bold Total Armor action figures :D

*Cyclone Shooter Red Tornado!
Like the rest of these 5" Mattel action figures, Red Tornado has hexagonal slots in his back, shoulders, elbows, and knees where his cyclone shooter or other figures accessories can be attached. Red Tornado is one of the figures from this line that has a jointed waist, like the B'wana Beast and Superman do...

*Trap Hand Plastic Man!

Plastic Man's neck extends and his elongated rubber arm attachment can grip around the waist of another figure, adding a lot of play value to this wonderful toy. FUN! Looks like Joker won't be going anywhere!

*Total Destruction Batman!
This puppy was a no-brainer- if offered the opportunity to purchase this toy, do yourself a favor and go ahead. This well designed action figure stands pretty well with his massive rocket attachment, which to my delight shoots the yellow missiles about five feet when the barrel is twisted counter-clockwise. Words cannot express how much fun this is. I've already attacked my unsuspecting roommate with it  :D

The new additions to my collection, together- well worth going out in the snow for! I know how to have fun on Saturday night, Kids :D  I'm thrilled with these things- the limited articulation is more than made up for by their personality and playability. I've been havin' a ball photographing them- their whimsical nature fits with both this blog and my whole philosophy of what a toy should be! I watched someones scathing video review of one of these toys last night, and he just didn't get it: these are made for children, and are to be played with. Cute and fun, their purpose is to entertain and bring a smile to your face- and they do that very well!


  1. I think i created a monster lol. Just kidding Super-D am glad you are digging these Brave and Bold figure and i will keep a eye out for some more of these for you too buddy if i run across anymore. : )

  2. You are hooked!

    BTW Plastic Man's head also pops up for neck elongating fun!

  3. All be damned... it DOES pop up! How much fun is that?!