Thursday, March 24, 2011

Total Armor Batman & Joker

So I was in Wal-Mart just this evening and found myself in the toy isle, as so often happens, and I happened upon some Mattel Batman Brave & The Bold action figures-  just like the B'wana Beast Jboy sent me recently!

*Kickpuncher Joker!

I love the sassy red suit and maniacal expression on this guy! The paint job and scuplt on the face is really exceptional. The hyper-stylization of these toys mimics the animated Brave & The Bold characters well, & really makes them look fun!

*Stealth Wing Batman!

The hex-slots in these 5" figure's shoulders, elbows, and backs allow you them to hold several weapons at once or mix & match. While simple, only sporting articulation in the neck shoulders, elbows, and hips (and in Batman's waist), they are equipped for playability. They are made for children and to be played with. And as I said before, the B'wana Beast JBoy sent enthralled me with it's simple charm- I couldn't (laughs) stop playing with it!

This Batman reminded me of the DC Direct Trinity Batman I got last year because of the goggles, posture, & coloring... he's a lot of FUN!

"Oh c'mon Bats- just let me borrow ONE of your rocket launchers..."

"... what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

And here's Batman & Joker with the B'wana Beast JBoy sent! Thanks again JBoy! ... do you work for Mattel and Hasbro? LOL!


  1. now these i LIKE :) thanks for sharing, Super Duper Man haha

  2. WOW..that joker is terrific. I loved how they portrayed him in 'Brave and the Bold' - totally went with that old school portrayal. The paint and sculp on that figure is really well done.

  3. I wish i worked for those companies lol.

  4. theres just sumthing about the batman that makes me stare.....must becos its batman or the chrome missiles!! hey wait... its both!!!