Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Swag

Was running around town doing some clothes shopping today and picked up some cool superhero shirts at Target today, then stopped by Toys 'R Us to pick up a couple of those bitchin' Retro-Action dollies by Mattel...

Captain Cold!

The Flash!

I saw these during the February toy-fast, but resisted, and Alex & Kingkaiju waved 'em in my face recently as well. They were too cool to let get away, and I'm doubly glad I got these today, as stock was down significantly upon my return. I am mad for these DC Retro-Action dollies as they remind me so much of my childhood Megos. Pure love. I also have Superman, Lex Luthor, Batman, Two-Face, Aquaman, & Black Manta. I see a photo session in my future!

And... lovely Postlady brought me yet another Martian Manhunter action figure yesterday, because you know I can never get enough. I won this DC Direct Series 2 Secret Files J'onn J'onzz on eBay for $11.24 (price included shipping)- I'd only been spotting him for north of $18.00 for months, but someone finally came down to where I was comfortable. Patience wins the day...

Have a Super-Duper weekend!


  1. Did you ever find where to get those Captain Action sets of Captain America and Spider-Man.

    I hate that you can just go to Target and Toys R Us and find such cool swag. They don't sell those great retro figures except in specialty stores.

  2. Yes- Entertaiment Earth has them up for pre-order, thought after I calmed down, I started to think about the cool Famous Covers Cap & Spidey I still have yet to photograph... too much...?
    I LOVE can just go to Target and Toys R Us and find such cool swag :D

  3. oh man i envy you for being able to just walk up the aisles and pick up all the cool stuff like Flash & Captain Cold (GREAT buy!) and those ultra-cool T-shirts too FUN! FUN!! FUN!!! enjoy them CHEERS

  4. Cool shirts Super-D and I haven't taken the jump on to those Retro Mego Style DC Heroes yet but i do have a Wolfman and Frankstein's Monsters ones i got for Christmas which are so awesome i have yet to take them out of there packages lol.

  5. I have that Superman shirt!

    nice haul. I'm interested if the newer Retro-Dollies have the back/hunch issue still. Keep us posted!

  6. You've really got to show us a picture of your postlady... =)

  7. Awesome score on the Retro-Action figures. I recently picked up The Flash, Captain Cold, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah myself.

  8. I couldn't find those Captain Action figures on Entertainment Earth. Can you help. I know I must be looking too hard but now I am desperate not to miss out on them. Can you help a brother out???

  9. Oh sorry, Bro- it was Urban Collector: