Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Haul!

Days off lately that don't include a band rehearsal or some other gathering can be somewhat hard to come by lately. And got a good tax return & free months rent for signing a lease on the apartment for another year, so I took advantage of a bright Sunday afternoon to run around and see what I could find  :D

1.) For my cosplay photos: a Green Lantern ring, thief mask, and Batarangs.
2.) Tales of the Sinestro Corps (2008, DC Comics).
3.) Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman.

I had some green Chuck Taylor's, a self-customized Robin hoodie, & leather gloves- and so last night it occurred to me that with a mask, I'd have a Robin outfit of sorts- so I cut a mask out of an old sock to (laughs) give it a whirl  :D. I had heard that there's going to be a dork convention of sorts here in STL this summer, so I wanted to fly my Freak Flag and meet some fun people. Then today, I found a green lantern ring, a real mask and some Batarangs. I already had a Green Lantern tee, so the writing was on the wall...

I had to pick up the Superman/Batman #82 they pulled for me at The Fantasy Shop, and found the green Lantern ring along with Tales of the Sinestro Corps. I really enjoyed the Blackest Night stuff I'd been reading, and Superboy Prime from Infinite Crisis as a Yellow Lantern- I'll enjoy that.

If you hadn't noticed, I've taken to the 5" Brave & The Bold figures. I found this Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman at Toys 'R Us- he's rad! There seem to be a shortage to any variety of these around the county... is no one re-stocking these? Empty pegs seem to be a regular occurrences around here' and by all reports, everywhere. We'd probably buy more if you provided, Mattel *sigh*...

I hope you got some time to HAVE FUN this weekend, People- it's a quality-of-life thing. Don't let that get away from you!


  1. Those Batarangs are AWESOME :) none of those here Tsk Tsk. You're taking to the Brave & the Bold like a duck to water haha glad to see that you're ENJOYing Life & having FUN!!! cheers

  2. They're soft rubber, too- can launch 'em around the house :D

  3. Ha I saw the mask and thought Reis had recruited you as a sidekick...

  4. Oh- hey, Reis was a BIG inspiration to do that- when he does a video blog, and opens up, "WHAT'S goin' on?!" in the camera, it makes my little day! That guy is a scream- I love it :D i wish he was my neighbor!

  5. Sweet! When are you going crime fighting? lol.

    I think with the Brave and the Bold cartoon winding down i think the toys are too. You might want to start hitting up the discount department stores now you might just find some more of these figures on the cheap. : )

  6. they are hard to find around here, JBoy! I found some on the interwebs, though :D