Friday, March 25, 2011

Total Armor Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack

I found this Mattel Total Armor Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack at Toys 'R Us this morning- I was so thrilled wuth the Total Armor Batman & Joker I scored last night, that I pulled out my wallet for some more Brave & The Bold. And this one had a Superman! Joy!

Here's Batman hammering on Metallo, whose Kryptonite heart is diminishing the mighty Man of Steel!

I bought this set for the Superman & Batman in it, which I really like- Batman with a giant sword is hilarious in my opinion! I love the whimsical nature of these toys- they are made for play and are FUN, like a toy should be!

Two of the greatest- two of my favorites! This Batman is a little more conventional that my Stealth Wing Batman, but shares a similiar armored dark, metallic blue torso. And I'm proud of Mattel for coloring Superman's outfit a few shades darker, giving him a retro feel. His little spit-curled head is beautiful! He sealed the deal for me!

Metallo the Evil Robot and his Kryptonite heart were a big disappointment though. I'd say the lack of accessories was a disappointment, but I think Mattel considered Metallo himself too be the accessory, because while he looks cool, he doesn't do much. I guess I thought he'd be more like an action figure, but he only has articulation in the right shoulder, left handgrip, and a sort of spring loaded bicep, that's shown lifting Superman on the back of the box. Hardly! His hollow, hard plastic body isn't even heavy enough to stay upright with Superman in his grip- I had to load Batman on his back to keep his right side down! I later read the back of the box: "Figures may not stand alone as shown" LOL! At the price of $22.99, they should have done a better job on this- Lame! A buck just don't go as far as it used to, and to be fair, I was too preoccupied with the Superman & Batman included to even notice that Metallo had virtually no joints. And that's a shame because he looks cool. The ball in his chest rolls around to expose his Kryptonite heart, but I would have rather had the better plastic body and hip joints. Adding insult to injury, he has the hexagonal slots at his knees, back and right shoulder, but they included no accessories! BooOOoo!

Let's take a look at Battle Sword Batman alongside Stealth Wing Batman... I love these...

And now the whole gang I managed to accumulate within just a few days. It's all JBoy's fault for sending me that B'wana Beast! LOL!

I have to say there is a lot to like about these- I'm 99% sure I'll buy a few more. They're hilarious and fun and super-cute! And I can't stop playing with them- that is the sign of a well-designed toy!


  1. It is too bad Metallo is a disappointment. You need to track down Solomon Grundy. He and B'Wana are the two best in the entire line!

    Did you see the episode of Brave and the Bold with Superman which aired tonight. It was AWESOME! So many nods to classic Superman comicbook moments!

  2. No- I don't catch any channel with it on- no cable :( How many seasons are there- I want to order a DVD... was checking into that- there were 2 different compilations found...

  3. See how fast you tore into them and took pictures already? You've found a new love and it's called The Brave & The Bold ;) that's just super duper!

  4. I like the "battle damage feature" on Metallo it reminds me so much of those Masters of the Universe figures that had the same feature which i need to hunt down this year. Bubba right about that Solomon Grundy figure its a very cool and worth your effort to track down.

  5. Yeah, I had that Battle Damage He-Man as a kid, JBoy :)
    They make a fun subject, Alex- REALLY cute!

  6. They haven't completed season 2 yet (still a couple eps. to air) and have a full season 3 on deck from what I understand (although it was not picked up for a 4th season sadly.)

    And FYI - they tend to pop up and stay up on Youtube often - here's part 1 of the most recent ep.

  7. Your'e the Batman to my Robin, Bubba :) Thanks!

  8. Haha stick with me, kid. I'll teach you everything I know ;)

  9. Glad to see somebody review this one. I had intentions of it and was really excited when I first saw it in stores... But then my general indifference towards BTB&B toys won out. Plus with the show canceled I figured these guys were on their last leg anyway.