Thursday, April 28, 2011

ShadowTek Bane!

ShadowTek Bane is the last of these Mattel figures from The Batman animated television show I've bought... he was both a mild disappointment and a surprising joy upon his arrival from China...

As you saw in the video, I had not expected the smashing mechanism that severely limits the posing abilities of this eye-catching toy. Additionally, twisting at his torso pulls the seam at his shoulders apart- I'm not worried he will fall apart, but it's not cool. That said, the smashing feature is somewhat fun to play around with, and children would love this chunky, interactive toy. I purchased him loose for as low a price I could find, but I'm certain he came in a boxed set with a battle-injured Batman:

All complaints aside, I had a ball playing around with Bane, and it was worth the price of admission for the photos alone. He hardly resembles the Bane of DC Comics fame, but I like that about him...

With my EXP Ultimate Defender Batman...

...a picture I took while failing to get the shot I was looking for... kind of a happy accident... Hawkman sneaks in from behind while Batman and J'onn distract!

And finally, the whole gang: Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Bane, Camo Tech Batman, Ultimate Defender Batman, and Firefly...

 In closing, pal BubbaShelby was nice enough to show me some very cool figures from this line that pad his personal collection- check out the links at his world-famous Toyriffic toy blog:
*Mail-Away Campbell's Batman! Incredible!
*The Ventriloquist and Scarface!
*Bubba's Firefly with different color than mine


  1. Best known for breaking Batman's back but alas, a slightly different take on the character in the animated version. Bane and Man-Bat were the reasons I got into the Mattel "The Batman" figures
    as I love the bulkiness and size of the figures in comparison with Batman

    Now all you need is the Batbot :)

    I'm loving all these posts Super-D - GREAT job!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I wonder if his seams are poor because you got him off a Chinese seller (which may be dealing in faulty merch?)

  3. I don't think Batbot ever saw release in the US

  4. Bubba- YES. A lot of these seller from China get seconds/toys with out accessories for cheap, & sell them. I wasn't surprised.
    Alex- Thanks for all the links! I LOVE that ManBat & Batbot!

  5. Great review and great video, SuperC! I cracked up when you made Bane smash all the other characters one at a time. I remember this guy in the two-pack from trips to Target. I kind of wish I had grabbed one, back then.

    The only thing I didn't really like about this line was the scale between Batman and Robin... just doesn't work. Otherwise, I love this line.

  6. Ha Ha :D Thanks! Wasn't that FUN? Made another funny video 2nite- you'll see it soon :)

  7. If i can find anymore of these buddy i will send them your way. I got a big "Antique Show" coming up in two months and there is normally loads of toys there at pretty good prices so i will have my eyes open for you. : )

  8. Another entertaining post!

    Bane also came single carded... not sure if someone already mentioned that. I had picked him up on the card and later bought the two pack and then decided it was silly and gave the two pack away, kicking myself now of course as I could have used that Batman, LOL.

    Another thing about Bane in this line is Mattel was supposed to release a larger version, but I do not think it was ever released, they did release a larger scale Batman that came with these huge handcuffs for that Bane, I think they may also fit this version as well.

    Oh and he is by far not the lamest figure from the line that honor belongs to Temblor... oh that one is lame.

  9. Ahhh- thanks for the info, CB! I'm sure glad you guys are around to fill in the blanks!
    Hey Thanks JBoy- don't feel like you gotta go outta the way, now :)

  10. haha Cb is right - Temblor sucked.