Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skiff Ripper Black Manta & Sea Spear Aquaman!

"More Brave & The Bold figures?!" you ask... yes, Friends, yes  :)   Skiff Ripper Black Manta and Sea Spear Aquaman were a no-brainer in my universe. This is apropos of my just having read Justice #1- #12 (DC, Oct. 2005- Aug.2007) by Alex Ross, where Black Manta kidnaps Aquaman's infant son. I have an 8" set of these mortal enemies from the Mattel's Retro-Action series as well- LOVE IT!

Black Manta!


 The Warriors of the Sea square off!

Could this be curtains for Arthur, King of Atlantis??

No, Black Manta- the tides have turned!
Now YOU are at the mercy of Aquaman!

For after all, isn't that the way Alex Ross would have written it...??

Stay HAPPY! Make It FUN!
(Thanks Toy A Day for the hilarious cosplay/PhotoShop job on my head!)


  1. these pictures just made my day, super-D AWESOME!!! methinks that's a wrong size body for you - you look more buff than that. That's like Cap America before the experiment that turned him into the Super Soldier and you into SUPER-DUPER Man haha

  2. Is great to see you having this much fun with your toys. Every time I see that Solomon Grundy I want to start collecting this line...

  3. I love how Manta's accessory looks like a Manta Ray. I still need to get Aquaman!

  4. Aquaman is just so great on the cartoon! And that Black Manta figure looks so evil.