Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DC Action League Batman Vs. The Joker

The final pair from Mattel's second wave of DC Action League figures I'll be showing you is Batman Vs. The Joker. There was a version of this pair from the Batman: Brave & The Bold Action League series as well that is a lot of fun, though I feel Mattel improved the styling of the characters this time around with a little more detail.

Unique articulation to this line so far, Batman has been given hinge joints in addition to his cut joint shoulders- this really helps posing him with the batarang molded into his hand. He has more detail in his chest muscles & utility belt than the Brave & The Bold Action League Bats, and a slightly more modern styling. I really like the dark blue cowl...

While still a classic Joker, this version is also a little more modern than the Brave & The Bold Action League Joker, and has an orange vest and pop gun, as opposed to a mallet. He looks more Bronze Age here as opposed to the styling of the previous, which is still great. In the Brave & The Bold show, Joker is depicted with a Silver Age style that I just love...

I'm unsure what Mattel has planned after the next wave of these (which looks cool!), but the possibilities seem endless, really. These are FUN toys that are constantly in a brawling pile on my desk!

And now just for fun, a couple group shots from my Batman/Joker toys:

Some classic, blue/grey Batman: a. Mattel DC Action League Batman  b. Mattel Brave & The Bold Batman  c. Mattel Retro-Action Batman  d. DC Direct Series 4 Reactivated Super Squad Batman  e. DC Direct Series 1 Reactivated Batman   f. Mattel Justice League Unlimited Batman.

The joke's on me:  a. General Mills Cereal Joker  b.  9" Hasbro Joker   c. DC Action League Joker d.  Mattel DC Universe Classics Joker.

More Later- Keep Smiling!


  1. Batman looks good. I'm not too sure if I like Joker's face thouh.

    Have you seen the Imaginext Batman with the snow mobile? I saw it in Target this past weekend and I thought of you. His colors are a little lighter, but it looks so nice, I almost bought it!

  2. yes, i HAVE seen that- seems 2 be the pegwarmer here, but he's cool... trying to not buy anymore! LOL!

  3. Thats a nice combo set, will look for it.

  4. That "b" Joker always freaks me out lol.