Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Famous Covers Captain America & Red Skull by ToyBiz!

I hope you enjoyed my Memorial Day post with the Famous Covers Captain America- now let's take a better look at him along with the Famous Covers Red Skull I got last year...

Cap got a pretty classic treatment from ToyBiz back in the nineties (this one from 1998)- he received a little criticism for both the open mouth & the HUGE star on his chest, though I don't feel those features are anymore exaggerated than the rest of the figure. I quite like him.  My brother, who isn't into toys at all even complimented the doll upon seeing him in my toy case- that says it's good in my book  :)  Without a doubt, the action figures produced by ToyBiz in the 90's looked like toys, and I'm okay with that- they were what they were...

From 2001, Cap's arch nemesis Red Skull is dressed in military style fatigue- not quite "Nazi officer" as I remember from the comics, but appropriate. One of the few figures from this line not dressed in tights, his little suit is fantastic! Great head sculpt on this little fella!

Let the battle of Good Vs. Evil begin!

Uggh! That had hurt! Victory for the good-hearted Captain!

And now just for fun, the only surviving Captain America Comic from my youth: #365, 1989. And who graces the opening splash page? The diabolical Red Skull himself!

Also from my youth, Captain America & Red Skull's bio pages from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe comics series, 1983! Click on the image for a larger view  :)

More Later- Have a GREAT Day!

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  1. I like them but again i hate the say but that Star is huge plus he looks like he has oven mitts on but its all Cap's charm. The Red Skull is my favorite of the two i think he just looks great.