Friday, May 13, 2011

Imaginext Green Lantern Jet w/Hawkman & Flash

I was thrilled to have found this Imaginext Green Lantern Jet w/Hawkman & Flash set at Target on my birthday last week. After scoring the Batman & Robin w/cycles, I was hooked on these cute little superhero toys that are made for play...

While BubbaShelby had me at Flash & Hawkman, I was doubly blessed to score them WITH Green Lantern & his jet! On my birthday, People! The set also comes with a DVD containing a cheesy DC Superfriends episode with some great, over-the-top narration, and retro Hanna-Barbera-type music that made me laugh.

First: I love transparent plastic toys. And second, this clear, green jet shoots a projectile- and you know how I feel about that  :D  The two missiles under the wings can be removed and placed in the jet's nose to be ejected via a button on it's belly. Oddly, the handle trigger merely turns some gears that can be seen through the rear fuselage ???  I also saw a Green Lantern with a battle robot he can fight in that I would LOVE to have! I am a huge Green Lantern fan, and this was a dream come true...

Fisher Price did a great job on the Imaginext Hawkman and Flash, as well. My only complaint is that Hawkman, a hero known for his weaponary, doesn't come with his mace as he did in the Hawkman/Flash twin-pack. As I said in my previous post on the Batman & Robin w/cycles, I was surprised at the arm articulation on these simple figures, and Flash even has additional swivel wrists for some reason. And that smirk on Flash's face kinda reminds me of my pal BubbaShelby- a professional smartass I truly admire  :D

At a diminutive 2 3/4", I was initially skeptical about these, but as BubbaShelby predicted, I soon fell for them hard. We have a mirthful relationship, and my fellow man-child has a way of knowing what I'll think is fun. I'd swear he and JBoy work for Mattel! I confidently proclaim this set a solid value at $12.99! They are super-cute, and I love all three of these DC superheroes!

Be a Good Kid, and Go Play With Your TOYS!


  1. WazzUP! that is a GREAT video worthy to be played on TV. You might have another career line super-D and needless to say, I'm totally GREEN with envy right now. I love all of them and wish they were available here SIGH! anyways, thanks for sharing these AWESOME toys and the FUN you are having with them. Makes my day man :) CHEERS

  2. HAHAH that video is the best! I love Flash's high pitched voice, and douchy Hal's arrival LULZ!

    "And that smirk on Flash's face kinda reminds me of my pal BubbaShelby- a professional smartass I truly admire :D"

    I can't argue with that sentiment at all ;)

  3. Oh I forgot to mention - that GL jet was also released in red/black as a Robin jet with Robin as the pilot. And it's a shame Hawkman doesn't have his mace with that release; It really adds to the fun of the figure.

    Great post!

  4. I love the plane! If I see this set in Singapore, I will get it!

  5. WazzUP!! Sorry that all the comments got lost during the recent Blogger crisis (including mine :() but I remember telling you how GREEN with envy I am that you are able to get all these wonderfully FUN toys but yet thankful that you are able to share these pictures with us, only to make me drool even more;p-----