Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toy Hunting in The Wild! Part 2

As  promised in my vlog post yesterday, I will now post some of the other toys I saw out around town at Target, Toys 'R Us, & K-Mart. Again, the quality of some of these are not-so-great as I was on the run. I Just wanted to share some of what I might see on a typical toy hunt.  Click on image for a larger view!

The Green Lantern Merchandising Machine rolls onward... *yawn*... I did like the mask/lighted power ring combo! I like to (laughs) play "superhero"  :D




Some really cool Mighty Muggs, ect... some on clearance...



Some Marvel product, which seems plentiful most of the time. I see a lot of it in the local Wal-Mart stores that don't carry any DC. They absolutely FLOODED the market with Iron Mans stuff in the last few years...

Had to throw some Star Wars in- though I don't really collect it, I DO have a kickass 15" Kenner Darth Vader that got me back into collecting again...

And some more DC Nation, which is somewhat spotty in St. Louis County: Target has them more often than Wal-Mart, though they carry their own exclusive lines. I was finding DCUC at a couple of the local K-Mart stores, but stock hasn't really changed- still seeing the pegwarmers I first saw 7 months ago. Toys 'R Us gets cleaned out pretty quickly on anything hot...

And some Batman: Brave & The Bold I saw around town- though encouraged by my new Aqua Attack Batman found Friday night, I think this line is winding down... I still want that other/blue Batmobile, LOL! It's a dollar less at my local Wal-Mart, which has three of them...

And for my pal BubbaShelby, known Dolly Persecutor, some Bieber dollies I thought he'd like! Tee Hee Hee  :D

Whew! That was a lot of pictures!
Next Up: Batman: Brave & The Bold Aqua Attack Batman!


  1. Cool Super-D love seeing what other folks stores are like in there areas. Thanks for sharing buddy. : )

  2. You got me drooling at the DC Universe Justice League Unlimited figures ;p Although I collect mostly 12-inch articulated figures, I have a thing for these animated figures haha CHEERS & thanks for sharing ;)

  3. HOLY CRAP! There is no way that this many (cool) toys would be at the Toys R Us in the city I live in.

  4. those toys too much for me,, even JB also there too >_<

  5. I had Beiber fever once, but a shot of penicillin cured it.