Sunday, June 5, 2011

DC Action League: Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox

Mattel chose some fun characters again for this great line of mini-action figures, and Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox is arguably best of the third wave.

The Red Lantern Corps put the hurt on both the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps when they intercepted the Green Lanterns transport of their prisoner Sinestro to Korugar to stand trial for crimes against his homeworld. The Sinestro Corps had planned to ambush the Green Lanterns & free their leader, but the Red Lanterns flew in to decimate them both. I hate it when that happens!

These are both unusual body sculpts for this line- Kilowog nearly twice the size of the other DC Action League figures, and Zox's body spherical with a gaping mouth. If you get any from this line, grab these- they are really fun and will undoubtedly sell out quickly!

Zilius with his fun-loving leader Atrocitus! Good times with the Raging Red Lanterns!  :D

Was THRILLED to get a Kilowog, Drill Sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps! Both The BAF Kilowog and the DC Direct Kilowog figures go for a lot of money, more than I'm willing to part with. I was happy Mattel made him so BIG, much larger than I anticipated...

Kilowog with his fellow Lanterns Tomar-Re, Hal Jordan, & John Stewart...

All the Green Lantern-related characters released in the first three waves of the DC Action League figures- ten of the first twenty-four!  The branding power of the GL franchise is currently dominating the marketplace in anticipation of this summer's motion picture!  I'm pretty excited!

I have a pile of these fun toys constantly at war on my drawing table- they make me smile! I highly reccomend them  :)

More Later- Keep Having FUN!


  1. Lol, that ZZ/Atrocitus double balancing act is hilarious! More! ;)