Saturday, May 21, 2011

DC Action League: Low Vs.Tomar-Re/John Stewart Vs. Actrocitus

In keeping with current trend of all-things-Green-Lantern, due to this summer's upcoming movie and Geoff John's transformation of the comic book title in the last few years, Mattel was sure to include some in the DC Action League line. The first wave included White Lantern Sinestro Vs. Green Lantern, and this second wave included two GL two-packs...

Low Vs.Tomar-Re is a nice pairing that was well done.  Tomar-Re is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, one of the first to guide Hal Jordan as a rookie Lantern. He also had attempted to help save the unstable planet of Krypton with stellarium, a substance that would stabilize the planet's radiation. He was blinded by a star gone nova in the mining of the said stellarium, and Krypton perished, save the infant Kal-El who had been sent from the planet in a life-pod by his parents. The ring of this fallen Lantern of  space sector 2813 went to John Stewart upon his passing, fulfilling his dying wish. Stewart's ring went back to it's previous owner, Hal Jordan, who then came out of retirement- another of Tomar-Re's other dying wishes.

Low is very dangerous parasite and member of the Sinestro Corps, recently created by Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis for the Green Lantern title. He can suck all the blood from a victim's body within seconds, simultaneously laying eggs within the carcass that can produce up to a thousand offspring- pretty nasty! Along with Atrocitius, this is one of the chunkier figures in the line and I just love him! Mattel also released a 6" DCUC figure of this newer character, as they did with Tomar-Re.

The Low Vs.Tomar-Re set was matched by this equally cool John Stewart Vs. Actrocitus pairing...  I had seen this several months ago at Target, but wasn't there for that specifically so I passed on it. Luckily, all four pairs from this wave were on auction at eBay for a very reasonable price.

John Stewart first appeared in 1972, created by Denny O'Neil & Neal Adams. An architect & ex-Marine, Stewart was selected by the Guardians as Hal Jordan's backup when Guy Gardner was recovering from serious injury. He later inherits Tomar-Re's ring to become a full-fledged member of the Green Lantern Corps, and later an Honor Guard member of the Corps along with Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and Sodam Yat.

Atrocitus really captured my imagination in the Blackest Night books! One of the few survivors of the Manhunter Robot's slaughter of space sector 666, this Red Lantern's rage is fueled by his hatred for the Guardians who created the flawed Manhunters and their Green Lantern Corps. Read more about this interesting character at his Green Lantern wikia page.

Now a couple comparison shots:
My DCUC John Stewart with DC Action League John Stewart...

My DC Direct Blackest Night Atrocitus (still in the clamshell) with DC Action League Atrocitus...  I never did open any of those Blackest Night DCDs! LOL! Some rainy day, Friends... on some rainy day  :)

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  1. Sweet Super-D !My favorite of the batch would have to be Tomar-Re. : )

  2. The Action League line is getting stronger. I love that I can now have DC, Marvel, and Hellboy figures in this scale.