Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marvel Select Captain Marvel (Variant)

A month or so ago I snapped a few pics of a Marvel Select Captain Marvel I'd scored on eBay back in January. I opened him while reading The Life & Death of Captain Marvel, which in retrospect was not the greatest I've ever read. It did have some moments- the end detailing his last days was especially dramatic!  And it's not that I think it's that old comics are boring, as the Marvel Essential Fantastic Four Vol.3 I read before it was far superior, and the Batman Showcase Vol.4 I'm in the middle of seems much better to me as well- and they're both in black & white. Speaking of which, I feel the excessive recoloring of the Captain Marvel book is a mistake- it ruins the mood. I'd rather see the Ben-Day dots, thanks! I know Jim Starlin is legendary, but... I just wasn't blown away.

I've been keeping this little beauty in one of the plexi display boxes I have out in the living area of my apartment... he's a perfect fit, stand/diorama & all! I love the striking color of this exceptional figure...

I also have a smaller version of a Kree captain that came with a Marvel Legends Skrull Soldier/Kree Soldier 2-Pack by Hasbro purchased around the same time. The Hasbro Kree has some impressive articulation, though he's not as artfully painted and sculpted as the Marvel Select. The Marvel Select line has correctly been described as "poseable statues"compared to the highly articulated Marvel Legends line, but they both have own strengths. 

I have a few of these Marvel Select (by Diamond Select Toys): a Dr. Doom, Captain Marvel (regular edition), a Stealth Iron Man, and a Mark VI Iron Man not shown in the picture that I posted about last December. I have only bought the ones I can get relatively inexpensively, the ones I guess no one else wants. They ranged from just over twelve to under nineteen bucks, shipping included.

*More Later- Keep Your Eyes On The Stars!*


  1. Great effect with the plexi case! Every time I see a Marvel Select figure, I try to figure out why I'm not collecting them. Even at retail, they feel like a bargain, given how huge they are and the fact they come with elaborate stands/dioramas.

  2. So nice in that case and just a awesome rendering of CM i love it.

  3. Where would I find a plexiglass case like that? Captain Marvel looks amazing in that display!

  4. Hobby Lobby or any hobby shop that sells model car kits- I have some tall ones for my dollies that rock!

  5. Thanks Super! I knew they looked familiar! I just love finding other items that can be used with our toy hobby! hahah