Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hasbro 10" Repulsor Power Iron Man

In all honesty, I'd seen this toy a week prior to buy it this past Tuesday.  It was marked down to twenty bucks, and I passed on it, the only one in the clearance section at this dumpy K-Mart way down the road from my apartment. When I popped back by, there was a "take an additional 50% off" sign in the clearance aisle, and so here we are  :)

Repulsor Power Iron Man is pretty to look at, but feels... brittle. He's missing the heft of a really quality toy, ya know? His slick sheen belies the reality of a cheaply manufactured hunk of plastic, churned out by the tens of thousands in order to cash in on an extremely popular movie franchise. I suspected this about him and my instincts were right. That said, for ten bucks I LOVE it. He's all flash & bang, but I'm a big fan of the cheap toy. He's shiny, he talks/has lights, he shoots projectiles! He's fun!

Here's a little video:

Iron Man comes with to snap-on missile launchers, one of which actually fires a couple of rather large projectiles, the other just a static accessory. Pressing the chest repulsor activates Iron Man's battle phrases and lights the bulb in his torso. His articulation is limited to the hinge joints in his knees, hips, elbows, peg joints for his arms at the shoulders & wrists, and what I suspect is a very restricted ball joint at his neck. He likes standing in one position. He's so handsome that you wish he had the articulation of the smaller 4" Iron Man figures... toy manufacturers rarely do that, and it's a shame *sigh*

Aside from his good looks, sparkling personality, and child-friendly weapons, I picked this Iron Man up for my love of BIG TOY/little toy  :D  Tee hee hee!

With 3 3/4" Iron Man included with the Rolling Battle Headquarters...

And with 3 3/4" Iron Man and Marvel Select Mark VI Iron Man...

More Later! Be a Good Kid- Go Play With Your Toys!

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  1. I love that last image of the small to big Iron Men.