Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters by Hasbro

I must say that I had fun taking pictures of  this toy- I don't feel it's worth what they were originally asking for it, but marked down at over 1/2 off is more like it. $16.50? Sure, I'll take one. The same goes for the other Iron Man toys I got on clearance yesterday- while I'm a raving toy maniac, I often think most toys are overpriced.  There are some things I don't like about this truck, like the 18 decals I had to apply, but I DO like the basic shape of the vehicle, it's wheels, and the windshield- Very Cool!

I also like the lights and sounds, including this bulb in the left side that reminds me of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey...

I also like how the thing opens up to THIS entertaining plaything  :)   How much fun is that?? Lots of moving parts to play with, including a rotating launch platform, projectile firing turret, glowing armor hold screen, and extra armor for the included Iron Man figure. Not the Millennium Falcon, but still fun on wheels...

Let's take a look at the video:

The launching platform is somewhat glamorized on the packaging, like many of this toys features- It rotates and levitates! Well, yeah- manually, and not smoothly either. Still, it's a fun feature. Kids like toys they can manipulate with their hands, and this truck has a lot of that...

There are plenty of things for Iron Man to do in his Rolling Battle Headquarters, including checking with his on-board hold screen for the right armor combinations for the task at hand. Pressing the console buttons activates a variety of battle sounds and spoken mission phrases.

Looks like the Air Assault Drone was no match for Iron Man!! 

The Iron Man figure included comes with extra armor and is specially articulated to fit in the driver's seat...

I'm pleased overall with this toy and had a ball taking photos of it & playing with it! If you can grab one at K-Mart for 1/2 price, go for it!

Up Next: Repulsor-Power Iron Man Mark VI I got on the same shopping trip...


  1. So that display screen, can you put in different armor cards from the various figures?

  2. That thing is cool Super-D! Lots of fun to be had with it. : )

  3. What a great toy. Fantastic pictures as usual. I am jealous of the deal you got on those. I got one of the Batmobiles that turns into the Batcave toys when 'Batman Begins' came out.

  4. Thanx, Kal! Batmobile that turns into the Batcave?? Gotta look THAT up!

  5. I love that car, so awesome man. Now I'm just waiting on GL toys to hit clearance next year and I'll be happy.

  6. You will probably see that, Trey- Capt. America toys, too!

  7. I'm wondering if this and the Capt. America vehicles will ever be repurposed for the G.I.Joe line. I'm sure customizers are loving having another large 3 3/4 scale vehicle to tinker with.