Saturday, July 9, 2011

Iron Man 2 HulkBuster, Titanium Man, & Iron Man

From the "Comic Series" of the Iron Man 2 action figures, HulkBuster Iron Man, Titanium Man, & Iron Man only cost me four bucks each as the local K-Marts try to shed this over-merchandised franchise. And at the prices I've been getting these for, I'm glad to help out  :D

These figures come with the same 3-part armor cards like the others in the series, which fit in the slotted tray on their bases, detailing different portions of the character's armor...

Like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man hails from the Soviet Union, subjected to experiments by the KGB to increase his size & strength. Boris Bullski was still no match for the technology & wits of Tony Stark, Iron Man! Originally appearing in Tales of Suspense  in 1963, Titanium Man was described as a giant of sorts- a detail not exactly reflected in this action figure. Though I knew nothing of the character,  his green & silver armor instantly caught my eye digging through the clearance bin. I really dig his waffle-stomper boots, which have much-welcomed articulation in the ankles. this is a great figure!

While picking up Titanium Man, I decided to get a classic Iron Man, too- I've seen several of the Marvel Universe classic Iron Man on the pegs recently, and they look about the same. In some cases, I've found the Iron Man 2 figures have better articulation in the knees, and am curious as to why Hasbro would want to release yet another Iron Man figure in such a saturated retail environment. I was thrilled to see this Iron Man included a "blast-off" figure stand, though it is to small for the figure's footprint, leaving one leg hanging off- this is bad for balance, and is misrepresented entirely on the card back of the packaging! Still, I managed to get a shot off...

The standout of this group though is, of course,  the Hulkbuster Iron Man! I love a chunky action figure, and was surprised by his articulation- relatively flexible for such a thick figure. Head, torso, wrist, & ankle movement, in addition to standard shoulder, hip, elbow, & knee articulation gave him a lot of personality. I've only seen this one in all my recent outings...

But can he really bust The Hulk...??

Hulkbuster indeed!! Looks like the Green Goliath lost this round, Friends...  :D  See more pictures of this Marvel Legends Hulk on his original post- one of my favorite toys!

Have a Great Weekend! Make it FUN!


  1. No way! Hulkbuster cheated by beating up on a First Appearance Hulk, nevermind that the guy's a Marvel Legends figure. ;P

    Am really glad you found these for cheap, especially Hulkbuster. Titanium Man is not that easy to find too. And ya just gotta love that blast-off base. That's the kind of accessory we all like--playable and poseable!

    Now bring on WW Hulk for a rematch! ;)

  2. I stopped in at a different K-Mart today and spotted a few of these cheapies but passed after something else caught my eye while i was there which i will be blog about very soon. : )

  3. I passed on Hulkbuster so many times already that I am starting to think I should just pick it up. Of course, I am still wishing to find a Marvel Legends one for a decent price at the toy show at the end of this month!!! Sooo excited!!!