Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marvel Universe Spider-Man (House of M)

There are too many cool Spider-Men in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line for me to get only one! In the next few posts we'll take an exhaustive look at Spider-Man (House of M), Spider-Man 2099, & Scarlet Spider... so try to keep up  :D  ...Let's start with my favorite, the House of M Spider-Man!

In the House of M story arc, Peter Parker is famous for being Spider-Man, a celebrity wrestler, actor & businessman. But in this alternate universe, one ruled by the mutants, the origins of Spider-Man's powers (which he was not born with) are something he keeps a secret! I haven't read this book, but I certainly plan on it!

This alternative Spider-Man costume caught my eye instantly- different and really cool! Some folks don't like when an iconic hero like Spider-Man gets a wardrobe tweak, but I don't mind so much- change is good. While some were put off by Andrew Garfield's new Spidey suit for the upcoming 2012 reboot, I loved it... can't wait to see the toys released for that!  I really like the webbed backpack accessory included with this action figure, in which can be seen parts of Parker's civilian clothes and his camera... nice touch. A web-shooter accessory that fits on the figure's arm is also included...

There is something almost imprecise about the paint and/or design of this figure that I can't put my finger on... I'm unsure if this was intended as I am unfamiliar with the artwork on this series, but it works for the figure in my opinion. Perhaps it's the consistency of it's loose styling throughout the figure that makes it work, including the somewhat splotchy appearance of the blue areas. Again- hard for me to describe, but really interesting- I don't know if it's spotty quality control or not, but I like it on this one. He's somewhat Avant-garde in appearance...

And now we'll play BIG TOY/little toy  :D   House of M Spidey with Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Spider-Man...

...And here's one more for pal Bubba- comedian, artist, toy expert, & expectant father ...Rock-a-Bye Spidey  :D

More Later- Keep it Fun!


  1. LOL @ that last pic, I actually have this Spidey as well and I have the same feeling when I saw it too, there's just something that I just like about it, but can't put my finger on what exactly it is haha

  2. This Spidey just looks odd with out a Spider Emblem on his costume.