Friday, July 1, 2011

Marvel Universe Thanos & Skrull Soldier

Per ChunkyBawitdaba's request, we'll now take a look at Marvel Universe Thanos and the Skrull Soldier I picked up last night as well...

Thanos is a BIG little figure- his girth and height tower over the rest of the 4" Marvel Universe figures I picked up recently. He comes with an extra fist to replace his Infinity Gauntlet, which may or may not have been necessary.  Named after the Greek mythological personification of mortality, this powerful Marvel villain's goal in his nihilism is to win the love of Death herself. A hopeless romantic  :D  This is a great figure with lots of articulation, including double-jointed knees, cut joints in the thigh and shins- though his bulk limits his movement to a certain degree. Still, he's relatively nimble, and doesn't require the included figure stand to stay upright...

I had seen this lone Skrull Soldier last Sunday when I found Thanos, but passed on him, wanting first to see if I liked these Marvel Universe figures. He was still on the peg at Wal-Mart last night, so I took him home. I'm guessing the Skrulls physical malleability/shape-shifting ability is reflected in this figure's twisted posture- I find this artful, though it does not make it easy for him to stand on his spindly legs without his base. Great color, sculpt, and two weapons make this an awesome little figure and perfect companion to my Thanos- was really glad I went back to get him! 

Both figures came with "Top Secret" H.A.M.M.E.R. files- supposedly you can enter a code at, but the web address just takes you to Hasbro's site, where I can't seem to find anything about this??   ...must really be secret...  OR my tardiness as these were released in 2009 & 2010  :D   This all has to do with Norman Osbourn's formation of H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers, their Secret Invasion and Dark Reign story arcs, both of which I was unfamiliar with.

Another reason for getting the MU Skrull was to satisfy my penchant for BIG toy/little toy, as I already have a killer Marvel Legends Skrull ... now how much fun is this? :D

Of course Thanos can't keep his Infinity Gauntlet out of things :D ...

Have a Great Weekend- Keep It FUN!


  1. Awesome! Thanks! I cannot wait to find a Thanos.

  2. Going the way of Marvel now, I see haha Looks like DC's taking a much needed rest :)

  3. Great pic of big/little Skrull! Glad you got Thanos--excellent figure.

    As for, well, that's ended (from what I've read elsewhere.) The newer figures don't have the little code sheet anymore.