Monday, July 25, 2011

Spider-Man Series Power Charge Rhino

Jason asked for a look at this a week ago, before I did all the posts on Marvel Universe Spider-Men. I've been generally underwhelmed at the severely overstocked supplies of  Spider-Man Series action figures by Hasbro crowding the toy aisles, with the exception of the Power Charge Rhino.  I passed on two of these at another area Target three weeks ago, though I've come to believe he's somewhat difficult to come by.

His heft is what attracted me- if I can get one of the larger characters within any 3 3/4" line, I will- makes me feel as though I'm (laughs) getting a better value  :D  Upon opening this figure, I reallized that some portions of the armor are removeable, secured in place by clear rubberbands within the packaging. When I removed all the rubberbands, the extra knee, forearm, and spike shoulder armor had a tendency to fall off. While this design flaw is annoying, Rhino looks fine without it...

I really liked the texture and distressed paint applications on Rhinos hooves-he has a great sculpt! It's too bad about the skin tone on his face, otherwise he'd be exceptional. But hey- he's an eight dollar action figure for some kid to throw around in the sandbox! He has some decent/functional articulation- while Rhino's legs are limited to a swivel-hinge joint at the hips, he does sport elbow joints, swiveling biceps, and swivel-hinge joints at the shoulders. Additionally, Rhino's head has a swivel-hinge joint, making him quite expressive.

The package included a trio of "battle cards" enabling the collector to measure up powers against other characters/figures in the series. This didn't interest me, but your eight year old can take his pals to task when challenged about exactly who can kick Rhino's ass.

From Wikipedia:
Aleksei Sytsevich was a nameless thug for hire working for an Eastern Bloc country. He volunteered to participate in an experiment that bonded a super strong polymer to his skin, thus augmenting his strength and speed, resulting in the Rhino alias. The Rhino returned in Hulk, vol. 2, #104 (June 1968) and although he died at the end of the story, the character proved popular enough to be revived, becoming a perennial opponent for both Spider-Man and the Hulk.

Let's see how Rhino fares against the  Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster...!!

Mmm Mmm Mmmm... that looked pretty rough!


  1. I love your photos where you get two toys to fight each other!

  2. I think he looks better w/o is armor. I too had passed this figure up and now I want 'em. Betcha I'll have a hard time finding him now.

  3. Thanx Rou! I hve a lot of fun doing those- getting Rhino balanced on HulkBuster's foot was a trick :)
    Ya never know Colbey- sometimes I'm amazed at what I find still on the pegs, and lately I've seen some retailers restocking some older figures

  4. Rhino-Buster armor! Stark has Iron Man suits for everything lol.

    Great looking figure actually i keep seeing him at the store thinking i should buy him.

  5. I love this figure! I was a bit hesitant picking him up but when I opened him, I knew I had a winner. (Except for the bits of armor falling off all the time...)

    And great action shots, Colin!

  6. fun pictures. I also found the armor annoying, much better without it. just picked up Hobgoblin from this line, can't wait to open him up now.

  7. Great photos of two great figures.

    I'm stoked to see the other villains in this line, as in my mind Spidey has the best rogue's gallery in comicdom.