Sunday, July 10, 2011

U.S. Agent or Captain America?

Image taken from My.Spill.Com

SirDragonBane posted a review on the new Hasbro U.S. Agent from the Captain America action figure series. Something was familiar about the costume- had Captain America worn a similar costume? Turns out he did, though what exactly happened, who wore what costume, is still somewhat unclear to me... I realize some of you are much more knowledgeable Marvelites than I, so please forgive my "discovery"  process :D

From Wikipedia: "During the 1990s, U.S. Agent wore a discarded costume of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, which was black and had a different alignment of the stars and stripes to differentiate it from Steve Rogers' original Captain America suit design."
"...Soon after, the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, was forced to abandon his costume and identity or blindly serve the U.S. Government Rogers resigned, donning a black costume and called himself the Captain."
From Marvel.Com
...Captain America eventually came into conflict with Walker and lost the fight. Sometime later Walker was approached by Valerie Cooper and asked to become the new Captain America.Walker agreed instantly ..." 
"After a little time the Commission hired Taskmaster to train Walker to be able to fight like Captain America. Meanwhile Steve Rogers used the identity of the Captain and tried to reclaim his title of Captain America."  
"Eventually Rogers and Walker encountered one another and battled until both Walker and Rogers learned that it was the Red Skull who was manipulating the two of them. After the battle Walker finally realized what the costume symbolized and returned it to Steve Rogers."
At any rate, it was burning my brain so much that I dug into my old comics and found a lone issue of The Avengers with Captain America wearing what is now U.S. Agent's outfit. From The Avengers Super-Sized Annual, 1988...

A photo of the said Avengers Annual I took awhile back with one of my favorite toys, a ToyBiz 10" Deluxe Edition Beast (1994). See his original post w/photos here...

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  1. The US Agent figure is formerly the uniform from 'The Captain' Steve Rogers' hero identity while Walker was 'Captain America.' After they battled, they switched, with Rogers' using the Captain America costume as Captain America, and Walker using The Captain costume as US Agent.

    Confused? Yeah I was too.

  2. As confusing as it all was, it was actually a pretty good story at the time.

  3. This is all correct sir and abit confusing too lol.