Monday, August 15, 2011

DC Univ. Green Lantern Classics: Nite-Lik & Naut Kei Loi

Wal-Mart had these Mattel Green Lantern Classics on clearance at $9.00 this weekend! I had my eye on these for some time, though I'd bought none of the Green Lantern Classics waves until now. These two attracted my due to their interchangeable alien heads and unusual looks.

Naut Kei Loi is an aquatic being (hence the protective helmet), and one of the first Green Lanterns chosen by the Guardians. His domed head can be switched, making him Medphyll, another early recruit of the Guardians, and sentient plant being. While I wasn't buying this figure for the broccoli-head, Mattel did a nice job on the paint and sculpt, even if it is somewhat ridiculous looking. But with an alternate fishbowl head, who would point the finger of ridicule, right?  :D 

While the domed helmet and his two-toed feet on this guy caught my eye months ago, I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't thinking about BIG TOY/little toy   :D  Here's Mattel Naut Kei Loi with my DC Direct Green Lantern Corps Deluxe figure:

The Red Lantern Corps are a nasty lot, and Nite-Lik might be one of the more macabre, wearing the bones of his enemies like bloody badges of honor! They really went out on a limb producing an action figure like this, who is a really minor character. For everyone's bitching about Mattel, it cannot be denied they have given us some unusual & interesting figures in the DC Universe line, even if there is a lot of reuse of parts.

The hands with clipper-ended tentacles are really far out! And the tentacles coming out of the back of Nite-Lik's head curl under his arms, crossing over his chest, creating a gruesome "bone harness". I'm not a huge fan of the bright blue, but this is a unique action figure.

Nite-Lik's hands and head can be switched and shoulder/chest overlay removed to turn him into Skallox, who looks like Georgia O'Keeke's worst nightmare! The paint job on this head is supreme, and I was surprised how much I really like it...

I skipped over these at regular price, but at nine bucks each it was time to indulge in these two fun action figures. I saw some more of this wave marked down at Wal-Mart tonight, so if you were thinking about it before, now might be the time.

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  1. I like the ideal of swappable heads to make a totally different character and of those two you have shown am digging the "fish man" the most.

  2. YES! Fish Man is the coolest! ...can't go wrong with the fishbowl helmet :D

  3. Ha! You got both figures together for less than I paid for each.

  4. i just waited- there were always a bunch around so I wasn't worried about losing an opportunity. if they'd come down on that damned Kamandi, i'd buy him too ;)