Monday, August 22, 2011

Famous Covers Vision & Scarlet Witch

In my last post I wrote about The Avenvers: Kree-Skrull War, using my ToyBiz Famous Covers Vision and Scarlet Witch for the photo with the trade paperback. An unlikely choice you might say, reasoning that my Hasbro Legends Skrull Soldier/Kree Soldier 2-pack might have been a better choice. But the Vision and Scarlet Witch came to mind first because  a.) It was the first time I read very much about these legendary characters, b.) I was unaware of their long-standing romance, and c.) I had these two very cool dollies which I had never given you a good look at... like I'm gonna do right now  :D

All these ToyBiz Famous Covers came in beautiful 4-color window box with a fifth panel, which through a porthole exposed their face, the toys secured in their individual poses within gold foil trays. I hadn't opened Scarlet Witch until yeterday in fact, her box remained sealed in the back of my closet since I bought her for a song off eBay last year while accumulating as many of these as I could find. I loved my Mego figures with fabric costumes as a child, so these appealed to me greatly when starting my toy collection.

The Famous Covers series were some nicely made toys with exceptionally tailored fabric outfits. The capes on these dolls were outstanding, and Scarlet Witch's is particularly bitchin'- velvet outer and satin on the inside with a neat little strip of velcro securing around her neck. Her comically large hairdo sculpted in plastic is too heavy unfortunately, making it difficult for her to stand. Still, Scarlet's a looker! The red vinyl forearm, bustier, and boot leggings are a nice, glossy contrast to her lavender leotards. She's quite the luxurious dolly :D  I put her up front in my glass display curio last night so I can admire her better!

Daughter of Magneto, sister to Quicksilver & Polaris, Wnada Maximoff is a mutant who can alter probability by using a "hex" on anyone within range of sight. In this way she can perform all kinds of tasks as part of her team of Avengers, including, but not limited to:, stopping a projectile, exploding an object, short circuiting machinery, creating forcfields, contain volumes of atmosphere, and once even ressurecting Wonder Man from the dead. If not performed carefully, her hexes can backfire on her, causing "bad luck" or undoing hexes cast earlier.

Equally cool is the Famous Covers Vision I got before her. While the Marvel Legends & Marvel Universe Vision seems to go for way more than this rendering of the Android Avenger, he really is the best version money can buy. Like his lover, this figure comes with an awesome cape, and hands colored to match his forearm sleeves, givng the illusion of gloves and avoiding the use of  "oven mitts" that some of these sport. Some weren't so crazy about the chunky boots on these, but I like the way they look- they help him stand better, too. He's a GREAT toy  :D

According to the box, The Vision is a synthezoid, an android with his own will and intelligence. He is both logical and mysteriously passionate. Gaining part of fellow Avenger Wonder Man's life force, the Vision acquired a more human personality, allowing him to fall in love with the Scarlet Witch. His ability to adjust his molecular density to extreme levels enables the Vision to become super dense and immovable as well as intangible, so that he can pass through nearly any solid object. Combined with his extreme intellect and steely logic, the Vision is nearly invincible.

As I said, I was unaware of this odd romance until reading The Avenvers: Kree-Skrull War. The strange new "feelings" Vision was having for Wanda were nearly unrecognizable by him as they were by his unbelieving Avenger teammates who shrugged of their suspicions as absurdity. Pretty hilarious for a group of people fighting aliens across the universe in their tights! Speaking of comedy, let's see how long it will take for my pal BubbaShelby, known dolly persecutor, to drop one about my pretty dollies   :D

Here's something kinda fun I dug out of my old comics: Scarlet Witch & The Vision's pages from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series I had from childhood. Click on the images to read all about these characters circa 1983:

*Thomas Wheeler's Flashback Review of the Toybiz Famous Cover's Series.


  1. These are FUN toys :) nice pictures CHEERS

  2. A little ditty, 'bout Witch and the Vision-
    Two dollies bein' played with while 'Sex and the City' plays on the television.
    Colin gonna make Vision a big Soap Star,
    and give Scarlet Witch a ride in Barbie's car.

    Oh yeah, dolls are better;
    Colin and Reis like to play with them together, sayin'
    Oh yeah, dolls are fun
    Long after the thrill of pullin off their pants is gone.

    A little ditty, 'bout Witch and the Vision-
    Two dollies havin' their pants pulled down without adult supervision.

  3. LOL! :D that may have been your best yet! WELL WORTH the wait- I hope Reis sees this- that is a Riot! :D

  4. That was the best one yet from dear ol' Bubbashelby. Bubba you need to take the rest of the week off you earned it!

    I can't wait to see where he will strike next.

    Collin, great post too, really enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks, Men! Great to hear from some of my favorite bloggers on this- all three of you are partly why I do this :)