Thursday, August 11, 2011

Justice League: Generation Lost

I have been meaning to get around to talking about Justice League: Generation Lost on here for some time- it was too damned good not to. Back in May I hit the back issue sale at The Fantasy Shop, scoring all but three of this 24 issue series for about thirty cents each- amazing! I loved it so much that I tracked down the missing three issues on eBay. What a great series it was! Spanning from July 2010 to April 2011, the plot involves members of the Justice League International that I was not as familiar with: Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Jaime Reyes (the third Blue Beetle), Fire, Ice, and Rocket Red. I enjoyed the depth portrayed in these lesser known characters and actually learned more about them because of it.

Maxwell Lord has been resurrected and found a way to make everyone forget who he was, frustrating our heroes, confusing everyone trying to help and understand them, and turning all involved against them. He has used his amplified his mind control powers to cause nearly everyone to forget Wonder Woman as well, easing his mission of revenge on her for having killed him in the past. When The World's Greatest Detective starts to feel something isn't right, he and Power Girl swoop in to get to the bottom of the amnesia everyone is experiencing about the villainous Maxwell Lord. While Karen can't remember Diana, Batman remembers due to his previous exposure to the White Lantern- both, however,  lose their train of thought when on the verge of remembering Maxwell Lord's history. A lot of other interesting events transpire in the series, including a fatal battle between Magog and Captain Atom in downtown Chicago, resulting in his telportation 100 years into the future to fight against OMAC Prime with the Justice League of the future. Pretty far out, Man!

The artwork by Aaron Lopresti (inked by Matt Ryan, colors by Hi-Fi Colour) is outstanding, and many DC characters are involved in the story, including Magog, the OMACs, the Creature Commandos and the Metal Men. I know it's been overused, but the word epic comes to mind  :D If you can find this series bundled on eBay, I'd highly recommend it...

I don't really do "comic reviews" here because a.) I prefer to read them as opposed to writing them, b.)  I'm not any good at it- didn't like book reports as a kid, don't like it now, and c.) this is a blog primarily focused on action figures. That said, I actually enjoy the art of comics, and the action figures I collect are mostly comic book characters- so the subject is pertinent to what I do here. I hope no one finds it too boring nor too lacking- I try too keep it short & sweet  :)  Thanks for reading!


  1. JL: Generation Lost was easily my favorite DC comic over the past year+. That and Sweet Tooth (Vertigo) were my main pulls.

  2. This seres was amazing, by far the best produced last year by DC along with the Booster Gold series that you should totally read if you still haven't.
    For a guy that doesn't like book reports you did a pretty good job my friend!

  3. Thanks Tom, Trey... I'm glad someone is reading these. Things really go silent lately when I write about comics. I can see people are reading the posts in my stats, but I fear I'm boring folks :D