Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marvel Universe Thor

I picked up this modern version of Thor three weeks ago at Wal-Mart, having passed on him one too many times. I was thinking of getting a more classic version of the Thunder God, but this costume really grew on me!

This is the costume designed by Oliver Coipel for Thor's new ongoing title in 2007. Redefining the look of such a longstanding & iconic character is tricky, and been done poorly for Thor in the past, but this really looks cool! The body armor and toned-down colors work really well, and the cape is really well sculpted on this beefy Marvel Universe offering. And check out out the sculpt on his tiny hammer, Mjolnir...

Uh oh... seems as though Thor's evil brother Loki and his Savage Frost Giant have challenged the mighty Norse God of Thunder...

...And Thor confidently accepts!

The Son of Odin quickly gets on top of things!

Take Care & Keep it FUN!


  1. That will teach Loki and the Frost Giants not to mess with Thor! : D

  2. I don't know why, but Thor seems difficult to translate into toy form. This one does a great job of looking how Thor 'should' look, maintaining a classic feel while still being badass.