Saturday, September 3, 2011

DC Direct Larfleeze

I found this killer store at a local mall out here in the county that carries new & used DC Universe Classics and DC Direct action figures- the prices on the used figures usually hover right around ten bucks, so imagine my surprise when I found this highly coveted DC Direct Blackest Night Series 3 Larfleeze for that. I didn't want to skip over such a rare opportunity to own such a unique figure. The funniest part about finding this particular Blackest Night figure is that I have yet to open a single one of the same series I picked up many months ago, and I have some pretty cool ones.

For a DC Direct, I found Larfleeze's articulation better than expected- he has ball-jointed shoulders & head, usual t-hips, hinge elbow & knees, but also a swivel cut in the biceps where his orange top meets his black sleeves. While swivel cut wrists compliment the biceps, he is still limited, as these are. 

Probably the best accessory in this line, a freaky Glomulus is included along with Larfleeze's lantern/power battery & tampographed insignia base. Oodles of these creepy bouncers followed the Orange Lantern around, greedily gobbling up whatever got in the way. Larfleeze is THE Orange Lantern, as his power in the emotional spectrum, save Lex Luthor's deputization to battle Nekron which pretty much resulted in unrest among the ranks, as expected.

This odd little fellow has swivel joints in all his three feet & four arms, which surprised & delighted me. The macabre row of teeth spanning the entirety of his face and Orange Lantern symbol on his belly complete the package in a mirthful way.

Larfleeze debuted in comics quite recently: in 2008. Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver introduced him. His equine head sports boar-like tusks that make him look expecially alien when combined with his elongated forearms. I believe he's as much a fan favorite because of this as he is for his quirky, obsessive/compulsive nature- a trait I find humorously familiar & human  :D 

As if on cue, I had to share this Larfleeze Christmas Special (Feb. 2011) I picked up at The Fantasy shop at their back issue sale on Mother's Day weekend this past May, when I totally pigged out on comics  :D

Of course Hal has to give a speech about the true meaning of Christmas, address the futile nature of hoarding, and blow it for any little kid who got their hands on this rag! Jerk!  :D

While on the subject of greed, I think I'll be checking out the Labor Day Weekend Sale at BAM! to pick up any other gems like this at 33% off! It will be the first Labor Day weekend I haven't had to work in years, and I'm sure they'll have something I need  :D

More Later- Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I'm not that familiar with the D.C. universe.I do know that after looking at these two guys i probably won't sleep well for the next couple of nights.Very cool man!