Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DCUC Haul No.2

I went back to BAM! again on Monday to catch the end of the Memorial Day sale and accidentally bought eight more DCUCs that were going for $6.69 each. I decided that even though I bought eight of these on Sunday, it was too good a deal to pass up getting a few more  :D

*Wave 9 Mantis
This is the classic variant of Mantis, whom I knew nothing of- I bought it because of the unusual cape design, attached to his appendages like some kind of flying squirrel. It's one of the ugliest DCUCs I've ever seen (aside from the variant Mantis that looks like a John Deere endorsed villain), and the sheer oddity of it's appearance appeals to me. The late, great Jack Kirby created some of the ugliest characters of comicdom, I swear! All the ridges & lines throughout the costume and giant ugly mask are a dead giveaway...

*Wave 8 Parademon (red Variant)
While on the subject of ugly villains created by Jack Kirby, this DCUC was the reason I went back on Monday. Another oddity among this line of action figures. Parademons are, of course, Darkseid's swarming troops on Apokolips... this one reminds me of Man-Bat & the Wicked Witch of the West's flying monkeys a little too  :D  What a FUN TOY!

*Wave 7 Big Barda
Another Jack Kirby Character I picked up was Mr. Miracle's wife, Big Barda- both orphans from Apokolips. They released a variant without the big, crazy helmet, but who wants that?  ...Without the helmet it loses it Kirby-ness.

*Wave 10 Beast Boy
Now I've been on the lookout for one of these at a decent price for awhile! I didn't see him on Sunday when I picked up my first batch, so I'm glad I went back. He's the only DCUC I have with the small/young buck, which some people didn't like, and his costume is styled after the Teen Titans cartoon, which I think is cool. The eagle's claws don't wrap around his arm very well- getting a picture was a real trick. The eagle isn't Gar's pet: Beast Boy is a changeling, able to turn into any animal he wants.

*Wave 10 Power Girl & Wave 2 Firestorm (Firestorm II variant)
They had a regular Firestorm at BAM! as well, but I liked the variant a lot better. Such a cool figure! The atomic gauntlets are made of a rubbery plastic that slips off & on easily- cool idea. And Power Girl... who does not love Kara? Does she look mildly similar to Cameron Diaz in this sculpt, or is it just me.


*Wave 4 Cyborg & 2009 MattyCollector Exclusive Adam Strange
This is a modernized stylization of Adam Strange, but he's still a great action figure! Love it! This Cyborg two accessory arms that can be changed out at the left wrist- the variant has the sonic gun accessory arm which is a lot cooler, but he's a unique DCUC nonetheless. A couple of really space age characters I'm having fun with on the desk... a Silver Age classic & a Bronze Age Teen Titan.


*See the DC Universe Classics checklist at DCClassics.Com

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. AWESOME toys :) two thumbs UP!! GREAT buys, congrats

  2. The shimmer off the cape of Mantis just done give me the VAPORS. WOW. And I have to find that ADAM STRANGE figure just for the rocket pack alone.

  3. Adam Strange and Big Barda for the win! Power Girl and the other New Gods are great too.

  4. Wow. Sixteen DCUCs at less than $7 each. That's incredible.