Monday, September 5, 2011


Let's take a quick look at the DC Universe Classics I picked up on sale this weekend for $6.69 each, an amazing deal that I took full advantage of. Some of these are a little harder to come by, especially at that price. I only started collecting these last winter, so I missed a lot from this really GREAT action figure line.

*Wave 6 Hawkman
This puppy caught my attention immediately- such an great action figure with the expanding wings. He was clean as the day he was made, with all his accessories. WOW. True, I just got a DC Direct Brightest Day Hawkman, but this DCUC is exception & unique. Plus, I have a DCUC Hawkgirl that was lonely   :D

*Wave 13 Negative Man
Tragic member of the Doom Patrol, Negative Man, will keep my keep his teammate Robotman company. His bandaged visage, meant to keep Larry Trainor's radioactivity away from innocent passersby, remind me of the invisible man. I've read little with the Doom Patrol, but it's great stuff.

*Wave 9 Deadshot
Enemy of Batman and member of the Secret Six along with Catman, Deadshot is an expert assassin who kills for whoever is paying. I thought he was unique and liked his gauntlet guns. Pretty simple.

*Wave 9 Wildcat (purple variant)
I love the clawed toes on this one! Wildcat is a golden age DC Character & longtime member of the Justice Society of America.  A heavyweight boxing champ who trained Batman, Ted Grant relies on his heavily conditioned strength & endurance to fight crime.

*Wave 2 Aquaman & Black Manta
I've been wanting A DCUC Aquaman & Flash for awhile, but not at any price I've seen on eBay- they had two other DCUC versions of Aquaman there as well, but I couldn't resist the classic! I have these two from the Retro-Action line & Batman: Brave & The Bold line as well- time for a group shot!

*Wave 8 Dr. Fate & Wave 11 Deadman (variant)
These two will be great with the DCUC Spectre I already had! The Deadman is the variant, which I preferred, his hands & feet fading into translucent plastic- Killer!

*See the DC Universe Classics checklist at DCClassics.Com

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. Lately i've been seeing a lot of DC stuff and i'm starting to really dig it.I wanted to start off with the 80's Kenner stuff but some of the contemporary figures are pretty amazing!

  2. it grew on me rather quickly, actionfig- I quickly ammassed many DC Universe Classics after my first few- i lost count how many i have now, but it's got to be close to fifty :D then i got into Marvel Universe 3 3/4"... ho boy!

  3. Gorgeous photography. You and 'Toy Haven' are really the gold standard in action figure photography. Great stuff. I think you will see me nicking these for my image avalanches.

  4. Thanks Cal! Feel free to show them off- like a lot of us odd fellows, I LOVE looking at action figure pics online... spent untold hours checking out ToyHaven myself- Alex is the best.... like you could reach out & touch them :D

  5. They're all fantastic, but that Deadshot is a particularly great score.

  6. What a awesome deal you got on these when are you going back for more?

  7. Great haul! Ooh, I'm not biting my fist in jealousy or anything...