Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanos Vs. The Frost Giants!

I'm now certain it wasn't a Hasbro/Mattel rivalry when the Frost Giants attacked Captain Cold a couple weeks ago- just this morning they jumped my Hasbro Marvel Universe Thanos! This was a BIG mistake. Captain Cold isn't that smart, and certainly doesn't have a killer instinct, so rolling him was one thing... but Thanos is a real thug and wasn't about to take any unwarranted attacks lying down. And when the Skrulls showed up, a large can of whoop-ass was promptly opened & administered!  :D   Luckily I had just returned to my domicile with the camera...

Right here is when the Skrulls showed up, but I felt like Thanos was actually getting on top of the situation by then anyway. He had just knee-dropped that dark Frost Giant in the crotch, then flopped on top of him! The Skrulls are dumb, but loyal- they stick close to Thanos, and I was surprised the Frost Giants got as far as they did before they showed up armed to the teeth.

Then Thanos REALLY got mad!

After a terrible brawl, the Frost Giants were line up on their knees in front of the Dark Titan (how he prefers to address pretty much anyone), and a long list of grisly intentions that would make your blood run cold were recited.

Right after that last shot I broke it up- Thanos was gritting his teeth, talking in a low growl, and squeezing the Frost Giant's face really hard. I spent plenty buying those Frost Giants, and I didn't want to find out what Thanos had in mind for them after attacking him. Thanos is a vengeful one, and I had a feeling there would be little blue limbs spread all over the room if I hadn't intervened. Maybe the Frost Giants will think twice now before jumping someone in the toy vault.

Be a Good Kid- Go Play With Your TOYS!


  1. Frost Giants?HA!!Thanos turned them into freeze-pops!LOL

  2. Now I want to buy Frost Giants. How much longer until the Thor movie line hits clearance?

  3. when they are down to only Thor figures, which is happening here. i'll probably pick up a variant Thor or two then :)