Monday, September 19, 2011

Thor Movie Figures: Battle Hammer Thor, Fandral, Volstagg, & Hogun

Though I felt lucky to find the Hammer Smash Thor so late in the game,  I knew I'd eventually get a Thor from this  3 3/4" Thor Movie series by Hasbro without a helmet. I pretty much had to, in fact, as Thor only wears his helmet for about one minute of the feature film! And that's a shame really, because it was all shining stainless steel glory, and if the movie had anything going for it, it was the visuals. I'm not going to go into a big review here, but I had a great time watching Thor on Blu-Ray this past Friday. The anticipation of  getting together in Jackhammer's cozy veiwing room in front of his giant TV to eat popcorn & watch a superhero movie was a big part of the thrill. I didn't care if the movie was bad or was a movie about Thor- I was going to enjoy it  :D  That said, it did seem to lack character direction (Portman's a cutie, but she phoned this one in)... it's as though director Kenneth Branagh handed out comics & told the cast "Here ya go- act like these people". Tom Hiddleston probably did the best acting as Loki, and I'd enjoy listening to Anthony Hopkins read the phone book, so...  oh, and Hemsworth was fine as Thor- tall, sturdy boy. It was a movie about Thor, my expectations were easily fulfilled, and all had a good time!

Battle Hammer Thor here is a pretty good action figure, as has been my experience with most all of these. The flowing ribbons on his belt add a nice visual, and I think they did a good job capturing Hemsworth in the face on these. I'd also like to say right here that the armor & outfits on these toys are outstanding-  two or three notches above the Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures. I could do without the gimmicky weapons included with them, however- they are crap!  The handles don't fit the figure's hands, they are too heavy, and they aren't made well by any stretch of the imagination. For example, this "sword that turns into a hammer"... why??  Listen Hasbro, give us some other weapons/accessories or stop wasting your own time & money- no kid gives a crap about these, and I only bought Thor here 'cause Mjölnir was also included. And stop going to those pointless product development meetings with people who don't play with toys!

With Hammer Smash Thor... they didn't just put a cape & different head on him- these two Thors are unique action figures...  The articulation on these is as good as, and in some cases better than the Marvel Universe figures. The joints on them have been pretty good/tight, in my experience, as the paint applications have been cleanly executed. The ball/hinge joint under the heads on these two is a nice touch.

And now The Warriors Three: Ram Smash Smash Volstagg, Blade Battle Hogun, & Harpoon Blade Fandral!

In the last week or so, I've managed to scrounge up what might have been the last Fandral, Volstagg, & Hogun figures from this series left in the whole damned county. I'd seen a couple Destroyers as well, but it just didn't wow me on the spot. While these three did little acting in the movie, I thought the three action figures were all unique looking, and well done.

This Hogun is a great action figure! The simulated stitching & texture of his cape is really great! He comes with a morning star weapon/accessory, and as much as I've complained, Hasbro actually gave Hogun a useful gimmick weapon! His battle axe blades detach from the handle to become a pair of crescent fighting blades- very cool! They are made of a more flexible plastic, and have an actual paint job, too...

Fandral, the dashing musketeer of Thor's buddies, had a little more personality in the movie than the withdrawn Hogun. The only one I've ever seen in the wild, this figure had an unfortunate blob of paint slop on his chest armor, which wasn't enough to stop me from what might very well have been my only chance to get one... I'll need him for an epic Frost Giant battle!

Fandral is a cool action figure that evokes a 17th century European flair with his high collar, Shakespearean mustache, and rapier. The rapier has a great, scooped handle guard, but a cumbersome sheath inexplicably strapped to the poor adventurer's leg like a 2 x 4 plank! The cape is removable if things get really physical for our stylish sidekick, such as when operating this ... harpoon??  Doh!

Volstagg was the one of these Warriors Three I wanted most, and like the other two, only once have I seen him on the pegs. He's great with his long beard, auburn colors, and hearty girth!  In the comics, Volstagg is an ineffectual braggart, more fond of his food & drink than battle, but a beloved friend of Thor. And check out the badass axe they included with this guy, will ya? Mighty, I say!

Volstagg comes with a battering ram fit with two rotating heads at the end, engaged by pumping the handle at the end. For some reason I like this better that some of the other junk accessories included with these toys... it's somehow comically appropriate  :D

I absolutely love these action figures- the detail they put into them is incredible for a toy of this scale!

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. I wonder if they are going to do any comic versions of these characters? I'd love to get those three warriors in their comic versions!

  2. well their pumping out the Marvel Universe stuff the last 3 years. Would make a great 3 pack

  3. Bro, it seems like you collect the whole set..

  4. Nice Group pic at the end there.I agree with Jcee,the comic versions would look real cool.Especially Volstagg's!I would also love a comic release of Balder.

  5. Great deal on the Warriors Three! My favorite characters from the Thor Universe and did you know they even had there own Comic book? At lest am pretty sure they did at one point. And i have yet to see any of these guys in my area and with TRU doing the but 2 get one free deal at the moment i might of picked all 3 of them up if they actually had them.