Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thor Movie Figures: Thor, Odin, & Loki

As I showed you a few days ago, I kinda went nuts for the Thor Movie 3 3/4"  line of  figures.  While I've yet to see the movie, I saw Slangards review of the figures over at Hippopotomi on the Lam, and that sealed the deal. I've been seeing less of them around, so I figured I'd grab far too many while I could  :D  Let's take a look at Hammer Smash Thor, Sheild Bash Odin, & Secret Strike Loki...

I felt lucky to find a Hammer Smash Thor- he's the one with the helmet, and is somewhat hard to come by lately. I understand that Chris Hemsworth didn't wear the helmet much in the movie, but he's Thor... I wanted one with the helmet. This figure does look like Hemsworth, and the other Thor figures from this series without the helmet REALLY look like him. I might have to pick one of those up, too.

Along with his trusty hammer, Mjölnir, Thor comes with a HUGE sword that splits open via a button on the hilt to reveal... a lightsaber? I don't get it... it's clunky, ugly thing. With such a nice figure, I would have appreciated a nice sword or shield. Movie Thor is a lot smaller than my Marvel Universe Thor, hammer & all, but he is refined to look like the actor in his costume, so his proportions are really good. He enjoys some decent articulation, including ball & hinge neck & double-jointed knees. His sculpt is outstanding- great detail!

Thor's father Odin is played by the great thespian Sir Anthony Hopkins, whom was was expertly immortalized by Hasbro for this line of toys. Like Thor, Odin included an oversized sword and also a shield that releases spikes around it's circumference when a button on the front is pressed, both of which are so heavy I could barely get him to hold them. Fail!

And the last of these three, but certainly not the least, is Thor's evil brother Loki! He's an excellent figure! I love the way they styled this with the flared, green longcoat- really cool! This guy may not look like much on the pegs- you might even miss him, but he's hella fun! While very different in styling from the Marvel Universe Loki, he looks alarmingly similar to him... they did a good job updating the characters in this line.

Loki comes with another gimmicky. oversized accessory/sword, which when released provides what I believe are intended to be arm guards for battle...

Better suited accessories are Loki's tiny daggers... he just seems like the kinda character that might pull a knife on you or mug you...

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. he's not quite as tight as all the others in the joint's, his cape likes to pop out/get in the way, and his accessories suck, BUT... he DOES look great :D ...i like his bronze armor. all these look cool, actually- i'm pleased