Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

While I've had some trade paperbacks come in the mail recently, it's been a little while since an action figure showed up on my doorstep- I've had good luck finding so much Marvel Universe here in town this summer that I just hadn't ordered anything. So without further delay...

*Marvel Select Thanos
I preordered this from an eBay retailer way back in July. It was supposed to arrive in August, but I waited patiently, checking in occasionally to hear "Still waiting!". No big deal, though they missed the delivery date by two months, and should probably avoid doing that in the future as their rating/feedback reflected a substantial amount of unhappy customers (just sayin'). I wasn't surprised because action figures are notoriously late rolling things out. This huge Marvel Select Thanos is a "Best of" reissue, and he looks great! I LOVE the bigger Marvel Selects, like the Hulk I scored this summer.  You'll be seeing more of Thanos up close soon! Awesome!

I got a tip on MrSenCTVT's  YouTube channel that Target had the new Wave 16 from Marvel Universe on the pegs for $6.99 each, so I took advantage of that on Tuesday:

I'll show your more of all that next week  :)  More old comics up next, so check back in later on! 
Have a great weekend  :)


  1. Nice! The Iceman looks cool like a "throwback" to the old Toy Biz X-Men line one.

  2. yeah, i like how he's dressed like an X-Man

  3. Iceman reminds me of the old Crystar figure!I love it!