Friday, July 29, 2011

Marvel Select Hulk

I forgot to mention what (laughs) came in the mail the other day: this HUGE Marvel Select Hulk!!  I'm unsure when the craving began exactly... I'm talking about the desire for some BIGGER action figures. I do remember panting over some larger Marvel Select figures on a couple toy bloggers YouTube channels this month, and the next thing I know I was on the hunt for this bad boy, a Marvel Select Thanos, and that killer Marvel Universe Frost Giant I scored on Tuesday. And when they release the Marvel Universe Sentinel in August, I'll likely be looking for it as well  :D  What can I say? I love toys!

I'm often underwhelmed with Hulk action figures- they usually disappoint with their size, hopelessly inadequate and out of scale with other figures in their respective lines. Case in point: the old Mego Hulk was the same height and only a little bulkier than the other Megos. The Hulk should be HUGE- much larger than all the other figures!  And at a hefty 9 5/8" tall with a 12" armspan, this Hulk does not disappoint!

While my Famous Covers Hulk is nearly the same height, his girth is no match for the brawn of this Marvel Select. I purposely sought out the biggest, meanest looking Hulk I could find for under twenty five bucks (I scored this guy loose for $18.50, shipping included). As expected with a Marvel Select, the articulation is more limited than a Marvel Legends, but the sculpt & paint on this guy is outstanding. Hulk sports ball & hinge joints in his shoulders, elbows, hips, & knees. His wrists and waist have cut joints, while his ankles are hinged, and his head is on a ball joint that renders him quite expressive.

The torn material at the waist and calves of Hulk's pants are molded in a softer plastic that gives to the touch, preventing breakage. Every inch of this figure is covered in artful detail: bulging muscles & veins, and painterly brushwork make this Hulk look like a three-dimensional masterpiece... ferociously beautiful! He looks as though he walked right out of an artist's canvas...

Some of the reviews on Hulk's face were positive, some negative- personally, I love it. The paintwork around the mouth was expertly done, and his clenched teeth & furrowed brow really capture the fury & anger that embody The Hulk.

Hulk came with a great looking, if somewhat cheap & hollow, base that simulates a city street crushed under his mighty feet...

And finally, here's the Marvel Select Hulk with Famous Covers Hulk and Legends First Appearance Hulk, two other toys I really love...

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    I mean, that's cool.

  2. ha ha Rou :D comment in awhile, Funny Girl ...!

  3. I just love the detail on this figure Colin looking at just re-enforces the fact i want to start getting in to the Marvel Select and even the DC Direct figures i think they are just awesome.

  4. I'm one who doesn't like his face. But love the size, body and detail.

  5. Nice grab bro! He has got to be my favorite Hulk figure probably just due to the sheer size!

  6. Yeah, I'm not a fan of his face either and it's the one thing that's stopped me from buying him. They did get everything else perfect, though. Luckiily for me there's also Ultimate Hulk in this scale so I'm real happy and got him instead.

    I would buy this figure instantly if hey did new head for it but that's unlikely. Great review and love the comparison shots! :)