Monday, December 26, 2011

My Captain America Painting

"Captain America" 2011
acrylic on canvas, 8 X 10"

Some of you may or may not know that I'm an artist, selling and showing my paintings here in the Midwest. When I was a kid in school, I dreamt of being a comic book artist, but went on to discover all other kinds of art while attending college many years ago. I still like to crank out an occasional illustration of a favorite hero, and starting this blog last year reignited that interest. I painted this little Captain America canvas for my nephew for Christmas this year, a memento of our trip to the theatre to see the Captain America: The First Avenger this past summer. Needless to say, we are anxious for the new Avengers movie due out this forthcoming summer. I obviously styled Cap after Jack Kirby's rendering of the Marvel hero, but painted his shield over the edge of the gallery-wrapped canvas to give it a modern presentation. I had a great time making this one!

More Later- Make It Fun!


  1. Now that is terrific. You have a great style that I have not seen before. I must see more of your work. We need to talk commission my friend. I would like your take on the 'Cave of Cool'. I see the influences and how you seemlessly blend them into something unique. You do know he kinda looks like you too, right?

  2. If you do take requests and will paint for a fee I'd be interested in a painting maybe. That one looks awesome, great Christmas present.

  3. Different but very cool!

  4. Love it! I've wanted to do paint on canvas but have never really done more than dip my toes. May have to hit you up for some tips!

  5. Very cool! Very reminiscent of the early comics Capt!

  6. Very nice.
    Before I even read what you typed out under the pic, I was thinking it looked Kirby inspired. ^_^

    Love it.