Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marvel Glass Tumbler Set

Among the thoughtful gifts heaped upon me this Christmas, my sister & her husband gave me this rocking set of Marvel glass tumblers. I'd seen these at Target before, but resisted the urge to buy them- very cool!

The colors and individualized logos for each of the classic Marvel characters are just beautiful, and remind me of some of the pop culture themed glassware I had in my youth. I absolutely love these!

Hasbro Wolverine with ToyBiz Captain America:

Also somewhat related to toys & comics, my lovely parents gave me a gift card to V-Stock. You may remember my raving about a store called BAM! here in the county, where new & used comics, toys, music, movies, books, & CDs are sold- well, BAM! just changed their name to V-Stock; they are one & the same  :)

More Later-Make It Fun!


  1. Fantastic gifts! Congrats on them Super-D.

  2. Those tumblers are fantastic. I have to find me that set. I have so many good memories of the great glasses we used to be able to get. I miss my Star Wars glasses from the late 70s.

  3. I got the DC versions of those tumblers for my birthday! Very cool.

    Also, why do they call them 'tumblers?' They're glass, if they tumble they'll break!

  4. I had some 70's King Kong glasses that I loved! Some people didn't like the Jessica Lange/Jeff Bridges 1976 redux, but I loved it-
    Had some DC tumblers as a kid!

  5. Very cool SDTB!It's amazing how a couple of Marvel characters can turn ordinary drinking glasses into one super cool collectible.

  6. Nice glasses. I received the DC versions for Christmas.